Thursday, December 23, 2010

The rest Of The UnderLander Chronicles

 All by Suzanne Collins .

Gregor and The Prophecy Of Bane
Gregor is back in the Underland and he has to find a white rat, who will lead the rats in war, and kill it.He is on the road again with his friends on a Quest.

Gregor And The Curse Of The Warmbloods
In the Underland there is a plague which any warmblood will catch(rats,humans,bats etc.).Gregor's mom catches it and Gregor finds out that he is a Rager (a kind of warrior, he kinda goes crazy and his senses heighten).He goes on a quest to find the cure.

Gregor And The Marks Of Secret
 Mice are disappearing and Gregor and his friends go to see if they find anything.They find out that the rats are being lead by the Bane(the white rat)and are taking revenge on the mice.Can they save them?

Gregor And The Code Of Claw
The final battle.Gregor thinks that he will die with the Bane in the battle that is coming.He gets close to Luxa, the queen of Underland(officially queen when she turns 16), after he rescues her from the rats.

The last 2 are darker than the rest and other than the romance between Gregor and Luxa in 4 & 5 there is nothing bad an them other than some killing and fighting scenes.They are very exciting!

I really liked them :)


Friday, December 17, 2010

Jake Ransom And The Skull Kings Shadow

Jake Ransom And The Skull Kings Shadow by James Rollins

Summery:Jake's parents disappeared 3 years ago so when he gets an invitation to see some of their artifacts that they found before they disappeared he and his sister, Kady, go to see them.When they get there they find a hole on in one of the artifacts, it seems to be made for their coin that their parents sent to them.They place it in and are suddenly transported to another place all together!They land in a place with viking,dinosaurs,Romans,Neanderthals,an evil bad guy and mystery!Can they find their parents,help protect this village from the bad guy and survive?

Romance:Kady hangs out with a guy and at one point it looks like he is about to kiss her.Jake and one of his new friends hold hands and it seems like they like each other.

Language:None that I can remember.

Violence:There is one battle near the end,they get chased by dinosaurs and the bad guys monsters come after them too.A warrior gets hurt by an arrow and almost dies.

Other:They have Alchemists and Alchemy.

Time Period:The beginning is modern, but apparently they go back in time to this world.

What I Thought:It was very exciting and had a good plot.

Rating & Age:4 out of 5 stars 12 up.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Little Different...

This post is going to be a little different you remember how I did 3 in one?
Well i am kinda gonna do that.
I am going to have picture,slight description and any bad content.
Example: if they they kissed I would put it in, but not if they just implied that they liked each other.

Cat Royal #2:Cat Among The Pigeons by Julia Golding
This book has a really good plot, it is very exciting.It's set when King George was on the throne, early 1800s. In this book one of Cat's friend's old master tries to claim him so it has a good bit on abolitionists, Quakers and the laws about it in England at that time.
One of my favorite thing in this book is she is wanted by the law (because she bit the old master when he was pretending to sell her) is when she escapes and hides in a boarding school for boys.She has to pretended to be a boy and it shows how little freedom the girls had.
The only bad thing would be the violence.There are street gangs and at one point her friend gets kidnapped, she gets into a lot of trouble.13 up.

The Ruins Of Gorlan by John Flanagan

This book is about how an orphan,Will, trains to be a Ranger under Halt who is a bit stiff.
It starts off a little slow, but it is a really good read!The writing is wonderful and the story is exciting,you fall in love with the characters before you know it. There are quite a bit of fights, fist, bow and sword.
Will gets kissed.Medieval time period. I enjoyed it so i would say that it is good for boys or girls. 13 up.

The Burning Bridge by John Flanagan.

Will and his friends are preparing for Morgarath to attack.They discover his plan and try to stop him.This was just as good and a bit more exciting than the first.There are quite a few fights more than in the last book.13 up.

The Ice Bound Land by John Flanagan

Will and the King's daughter have been captured by the Skandians (vikings) Halt and their friend Horace are trying to rescue them while they also try to escape Skandia.I started it and couldn't put it down!
It's very exciting and exotic/foreign.Will has to work in the slave yard and some bullies get him on a drug.13 up.

I hope you enjoyed this!
Till next time!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Goose Girl (Books Of Bayern 1)

The Goose Girl Books Of Bayern 1) by Shannon Hale.

This book is a retelling of the fairy Tale The Goose Girl,

Summery:Anidori-Kiladra Talianna Isilee or Ani, always thought that she would inherit the throne.When her Father dies she learns that her mother wants to marry her off to a prince in another country instead and have her brother rule.On the way half of her guard and her lady-in- waiting betray her and kill all the other guards.She escapes to a house on the outskirts of the capital taken in by Finn and his mother, she soon ventures into the capital and takes a job as the goose herder.She discovers that not only can she talk to birds,  she can talk and listen to the wind.One of the 3 languages: people speaking, animal speaking and nature speaking(wind,fire,water,trees).She meets and falls in love with Geric who turns out to be the prince she was supposed to marry.She needs to expose Selia her lay-in-waiting due to several attempts on her life.

Romance:Geric and Ani(who also has the nickname Isi) kiss and at one point she is embarrassed because he sees her ankle.

Language:None that I can remember.

Violence:A couple of the traitors come after her and they are a bout to cut off her hand or foot but don't.

Time Period:Medieval, another world.

What I Thought:I love all these books and they are so good!Enna Burning is a little depressing and there is one part that is bad in it but other than that her books are clean.

Rating & Age:5 out of5 stars. 14 up.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Lost Hero

The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

Summery:Jason wakes up with people he doesn't know and he can't remember anything!After a weird attack by venti (storm spirits) he ends up with a girl and boy who say they are friends with him and being taken to a camp where everyone is a demi-god or nature spirit.He then goes on a quest to find and free Hera who stole his memories and unlock mysteries that surround him.
Leo's best friend doesn't remember him!Then he finds out several things: he is the son of Hephaestus, he has to go on a quest and how to tame a metal dragon.He feels worthless next to Jason(son of Jupiter/Zeus) even though he does have his secret power...
Piper's boyfriend who she worked so hard to get doesn't remember her!Not only does she not have a boyfriend, she gets attacked by venti , gets trashed at Camp Half-Blood by the Aphrodite cabin then she finds out that she is also a child of Aphrodite and must go on a quest with her friends.But there is a giant who tells her that she will betray them or her father, whom he has captured, will die.

Romance:At several times Piper or Jason will want to kiss the other or hold them and Piper leans on him a couple times.Or sleeps on his lap.
Leo gets 2 immediate crushes but they're quite comical.Medea talks about how her husband, Jason, betrayed her and put the boys kinda under a spell.

Language:I can't remember any.There might have been d**g.

Violence:Couple fights, talk of turning people into ice/gold.Talk of someone dieing.

Other:The gods,magic,how the gods had kids.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:It was so exciting!I read all 550 pages in less than 12 hours(I am homeschooled!).The plot is great and I am so getting the next book Son of Neptune coming out next fall.

Rating & Age:5 out of5 stars and 14 up.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gregor The OverLander

Gregor The OverLander by Suzanne Collins

Quick Summery:When Gregor falls down an air vent after his sister Boots, he finds himself in a land full of humans and over grown spiders,rats,bats and cockroaches.Learning that his Dad who was lost 2 years ago had passed by and fallen into the rats hands he takes up a quest prophesied by an ancient prophecy.He goes with bats, spiders, cockroaches, 2 humans who are royal, 1 rat, his Dad the"lost one" and his sister. to rescue his Dad and defeat the help rats.



Violence:A good number of people die and it is a little gory.Describing one of the spiders eating the other after it dies.

Other:This one guy who took people down had visions of the future and made a bunch of prophecies.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:It was really exciting!It was funny in parts and Gregor was truly heroic!It might have a tad dark 3/4 of the way through but other than that it was AWESOME!This series Suzanne Collins did before The Hunger Games, which were darker and had a couple bad parts, and is great for younger kids and even teenagers who love fantasy.

Rating and Age: 5 out of 5 stars and 10 and up.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Palace of Mirrors

The Palace Of Mirrors by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Quick Summery:
Cecilia has grown up all her life being told she is the true princess being protected by being in hiding while a fake princess rules for her until she can come out of hiding.She embarks on a journey to the Castle to confront her and release her form her duties when she has a couple of nears misses of being captured.With her best friend she is shocked to find out that she is not the only one who has been told she was the princess.10 other girls have been captured.Can she set them free and with the help of friends over throw the cruel government?

Romance:Ella(from Just Ella) traveled all the way form her country to be with Jed,Cecilia and her best friend Harper kiss at the end and there are hints of how they like each other.

Language:None that I can remember.

Violence:There are a couple fights but they aren't big parts in the books and not that violent.Cecilia is afraid at one point that they might have taken Harper off to fight in the War, but he is fine.

Other:She thinks once how it would be nice to lay next to Harper as a Husband and Wife do.

Time Period: Medieval but in another world.(I finally got it Rachael!)

5 out of 5 stars.It was an AWESOME books but one thing that I didn't like was that the bad guy is ruling for the princess on the the throne and is a bad guy.He tries to catch them and all that but they catch him.They don't go into it though.It is like some people are trying to get her,she finds out he is bad and then they catch him.He isn't a big part at all.

12 and up.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Just Ella

Just Ella by Margaret Peterson Haddix

*Note*This is not the cover I read it in and the other cover is a lot prettier!
Quick Summery:Ella is a Cinderella gone wrong.Her Prince isn't so Charming as he was at first and there is a rumor that she used magic to get to the ball!She has to battle with the "etiquette" of the castle.If she's cold what is wrong with making a fire if the servant hasn't come?Apparently everything.There is one calm spot her new teacher,
he's her age and seems to understand her.He has a passion for was victims that have been robbed of their homes.She must find a way to fight through all this madness around her.She never imagined it like this in a castle.

Romance:Jed(teacher) and Ella,at one point when their chaperon is dismissed she tries to tell the Prince she doesn't love him and wants to break the engagement he makes a couple grabs for her and locks her in a closet.They lock her up in the jail with a jailer with a reputation for raping women. Some talk of marriage.

Language:I can't remember anything, but I read this a while ago so I am not sure.

Violence:Talking about the war but nothing gruesome.

Other:Nothing that I can think.

14 up.

3 out of 5 stars.

I liked it as a fairy tale very well great retelling!
But there were those spots...

Sorry if I have been absent.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Last Olympian

Percy Jackson And The Olympians:The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan

Quick Summery:It is almost Final Battle time.Percy, in order to find some way to destroy Luke/Kronos, has to see if there is any way that he has a weakness.He visits Luke's mom and baths in the river Styx as Luke did did gaining invincibility (with one week spot).
The Titan Typhoon is acting as a diversion for the gods while Kronos battles camp Half Blood, Artemis's maidens and Centaurs for Olympus.
(also naiads,satyrs and other woodland mystical beings)There is another spy in their midst as well as the Ares cabin not being there.
Will Kronos be stopped?And what is going on with Rachel?

Romance:Percy and Annabeth finally(!!!!)get together.some other couples at Camp Half Blood.Percy and Annabeth finally kiss.
Percy tries to figure out if he likes Rachel or not.

Language:One of the Centaurs had "Kronos Su**s" only spelled  wrong.

Violence:Monsters, sword fights and a couple gory spots.

Other:Magic,gods and etc.

I liked it it was sooooo exciting!I would totally recommend this series.
5 out of 5 stars.
13 up.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Battle Of The Labyrinth

Percy Jackson And The Olympians:Battle Of The Labyrinth by Rick Riordan

Quick Summery:Percy and his friends learn that Luke and his forces might be using Daedalus's Labyrinth to attack the camp.They journey into the labyrinth ending up becoming friends with Nico again,visiting Hephaestus at his forge and then Percy gets injured making an explosion that weekend the bonds holding Typhoon and ends up on Calypso's island  He gets back in time to stop his funeral and find his friend he met from running away from the skeleton warriors when Atlas was after him, Rachel who can see through the mist and navigate the Labyrinth.He fights a Giant saves a renegade half blood who ends up being the last part of Kronos's uprising.Then his monsters attack the camp.

Romance:Rachel and Annabeth are kind of fighting because of Percy and he is caught between them.His mom is seeing a guy, he asks Percy if he can marry his mom.Clarisse(Ares) likes a guy.

Language:None that I can think of.

Violence:Fighting monsters,Giant,demon and people.There is also a part were it is like a gladiator arena. A bunch of people die.

Other:the gods, magic etc.

13 up.
5 out of 5 stars.
I like how in this one they had a bit more mythical stuff with Daedalus and all.The maze was quite interesting.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Titan's Curse

Percy Jackson And The Olympians:The Titans Curse by Rick Riordan
Quick Summery:Grover has found 2 kids,Nico and Bianca, that are half-bloods.They narrowly make an escape from a monster that Artemis saves them from.Annabeth falls with the monster and Artemis goes after her.Thalia, the daughter of Zeus, has been heeled by the fleece that Percy and his friends brought back to save the camp.The Titans are rising and there is a Prophesy that one of the "big three"gods (Zeus, Poseidon and Hades) kids will save them (I am so sorry, but I already turned in the book and I can't remember :(I am so sorry!) from them or something so there is a lot of pressure on Thalia.Because it is for when one of the big 3's kids turns 16 and she is about to.A couple of Artemis's maidens(including Bianca who just joined) and Thalia are going after Artemis after the Oracle of Delphi prophesies it.Percy follows them and joins them and warns them that Atlas is after them.(they don't know this at the time though)Percy gets some kind of skeleton monsters after him.They have lost Bianca and reach Atlas and have a battle.When they get back they learn a secret about Nico and he is angry about Bianca.

Romance:Grover has a crush on all of Artemis's maidens.

Language:None that I can think of.

Violence:Fighting the monsters,Atlas and the skeleton warriors.
Also one of Artemis's maidens is really wounded and dies.As well Bianca.

Other:the gods,magic etc.

13 up.
5 out of 5 stars.

Very exciting! I love how he makes you want to stay up all night long to finish it(which kinda happened...).


Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Sea Of Monsters

Percy Jackson And The Olympians:The Sea Of Monsters by Rick Riordan

Quick Summery:Grover the Satyr is off on an adventure to find the lost god of the wild Pan.He is in danger and calls to Percy for help.Percy,Annabeth and his new friend, who also is a son of Poseidon, Tyson set off to rescue him without the exact consent of the camp.They get into a fight with Luke, the guy who betrayed them by being a spy and helping Kronos arise.They have to go through many things to get to Grover.The camp is dieing because someone has poisoned the tree that used to be Zeus's daughter.The must get the golden Fleece as well as Grover. 

The inkling that Percy might like Annabeth and the fact that Annabeth kinda has a crush on Luke.

Language:None that I can think.

Violence:They fight a Cyclops,Luke,monsters one Luke's ship.

Other:Magic.The gods.

This is set in modern times and very nicely done into ancient as well.
And what I mean by that is he brought all the gods and monsters very well into the modern world.It is a very exciting book!
5 out of 5 stars.
13 up.


Monday, November 8, 2010

The Lightning Thief

Percy Jackson And The Olympians:The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

Quick Summery:Percy Jackson was a normal kid until his Math teacher attacks him.Then he is suddenly on the run and surrounded by ancient Greek monsters and gods. He learns that he is the son of Poseidon and is now being accused of stealing Zeus's master bolt.He takes demi-god Annabeth , daughter of Athena, and a satyr, Grover, on an adventure to find Zeus's bolt.They travel to The Underworld to see if Hades has it and discover a dark force rising.

Romance:Annabeth has a crush on Luke, son of Hermes.The whole gods come down and have a kid with a mortal thing.


Violence:Percy slays a a couple monsters and monsters come after him.
The Ares kids don't like him and want to beat him up for humiliating them and their dad.

Other:The whole gods come down and have a kid with a mortal thing.
the Greek gods. The magic.

5 out of 5 stars!
It was modern and still had the ancientness that you'd want.
I'd say 12 up!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Sixty-Eight Rooms

Sixty-Eight Rooms by Marianne Malone.

 Ruthie has a boring life so when her and her best friend, Jack, find a key that lets them shrink to doll size and wander around a museum exhibit. A complex doll house.They learn that they can go outside of the rooms.They go into France 1780s and Pilgrim/Salem witch trials.
There are little mysteries along the way.Such as why doesn't Jack shrink.They solve this one and several others.

I loved it!
It was a fantasy book with a different feel hten others I have read.I felt like it was more for 8-12

5 out of 5 stars.

It was quite original.

Romance:There was maybe a kiss between Ruthie's parents and Jack's mom is hinted with liking a guard at the museum.A girl they meet in France slightly captivates Jack.


Violence:Talking about the Salem witch trials.

Other:The Magic concept.

I hope you enjoyed this review. :)

Thank you to

Allyssa Spur
for following me!
Allyssa I don't know what blog/blogs you have could you give me the addresses?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

How My Private Personal Jouranl Became A Bestseller

How My Private Personal Journal Became A bestseller by Julia Devillers.
Jamie is a normal kid getting put down by popular and "perfect"girls at school.The typical average kid who wants to be pretty and like a star.
One night she expresses her feelings into her diary on the computer by accident her friend prints it out instead of her homework.Her teacher loves gives it to a friends who through more people get it published and on the charts!This is very shocking to Jamie but now with Isabella, who transforms into IS the superhero who can destroy evil with a flick(hand flick), she can finally be popular,get noticed by her crush and help other girls like her!But soon everyone is bearing down on her the evil popular girls are mad and Jamie is getting pressured to write another book and she just can't seem to get it right!There is also a girl that could be in trouble Jamie never asked for all this responsibility can she figure it all out.

I thought that it was an O.K. book...although her Trading Faces books more.This story went into how much the "imperfect" and unpopular girls are treated.It was a great feeling to see them standing up for themselves in this book.
I would give it 4 out of 5.

Romance:Jamie's sister has a boyfriend.The guy she is crushing on takes her out because the evil bad popular girl wants to make her look bad by making him break up with her and he kisses her when the date ends.(note I do not approve of this at all!Date and kiss both.)Then she finds a better guy at the end of the book I don't think they kiss but they might have held hands and she says she was happy about it being a small car as they ride home.Then the girl that needed help almost ran of to see someone she had met on the internet because she had a bad homelife.

Violence:Mean girls talking about normal girls.

Language:OMG,maybe cr**, name calling and putting people down.

Other:Her sister is a hacker and pulled a prank by switching her password.
14 up.

Hope ou enjoyed this.
Due to that I have run out of time I will not be doing another review as I thought I would be until tomorrow.Sorry


Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Talent Thief

The Talent Thief by Alex Williams

Adam goes with his sister,Cressida,  to a Talent Festival where everyone who has a talent can show it off.Adam has no talent and is unwelcomed and shunned by most everyone.
He has a room on top of the hotel in a shed.He sees a creature and follows it to a room of trophies the creature tries to take something from him but is disappointed.
Later after 3 performances during which the talents disappear and the people left talentless.After everyone's talent has been taken by Fortescue and the Creature. Adam, his sister and Amy ,a retired race car driver due to a loss of talent, search for their talents.The team up along the way with someone who was used by Fortescue to capture the Creature with his hunting skills, then loosing them.They have to stop Fortescue before he takes everyone's talents and finds a way to take them all for himself!

10 up

I thought that it took a while for me to get into it but it really started going towards the end.You could kind of guess part of the ending
(which is a good balance for me)and there were some mysteries to that they had to figure out as the were searching for Fortescue.

Between a piano player and Adam's sister there was a touch but not much.And with Amy and the Tracker there was a bit more.Like "He liked her spark for adventure" typish.


Violence:It wasn't violent but it might be a little scary be cause of how the Creature gets your talent and then near the end they have to get inside the evil bad guys lair.

Other:The Creature is some kind of dinosaur type thing.It out survived it's other Creatures that were trapped with it in this crater it was trapped in.The whole Talent grabbing thing.He pulled it out of their heads like he had telekinesis.

4 out of 5 stars.
I thought it was good but once was enough for me and the story could have been a bit better.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Sorry And An Review/Update

I am sorry I didn't post last week I ran out of time to do it!
I have read so many books recently so I'll
won't be doing a 3 in 1 review but one at time.
This is my first one and I 'll probably try to do about 5 this week.

Balance Point by Kathy Tyers
New Jedi Order #6

The Yuuzhan Vong have conquered many
systems causing destruction and chaos everywhere they go.
Han and Jacen are trying to help Han's friend Droma's family of Duros.
Jacen is battling himself as he tries to shun himself from the force fearing that he isn't using it right.Leia is trying to tie together all the knots of evacuating refuges to other systems and is worried about Han since they're at odds.Jaina has been hurt in a battle and is recovering her sight.She and her mother as well as the rest of their family try to reach out to Jacen and show their worry for him.Mara has somehow
(possibly by the force)become pregnant and is insecure about it in many ways.She is feeling protective of it and many other emotions.
Since recovering from her Yuuzhan Vong inflicted illness she has been wary waiting for any signs of it coming back she is now worried that it will harm the baby if it comes back or is still there.Luke, of course,  is happy about it.Anakin is becoming very skilled in the force as Luke comes to find out when they embark on a mission on Duros to investigate a missing apprentice.

This was as I find most Star Wars books very enjoy able.
I would rate it 4 stars because it wasn't as exciting as some of the other books as well as sometimes a bit confusing.

14 up.

Romance:Luke and Mara kissing.
Han and Leia kissing.
Luke and Mara hugging and touching in the force.
At one point they end hugging while kissing.

Language:Sithspawn and possibly Stang
(I don't think that is a cuss word)
and maybe one other made up word.

Violence:The disappearing apprentice was murdered and the Yuuzhan Vong were sacrificing people to their gods.
Couple air fights.Lightsaber duels too.

Other:All of the Force stuff and the Yuuzhan Vong worshiping their gods.

I hope you liked the review don't forget that I'll be doing at least 3  more this week!

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Another Giveaway!

Prism is having another Giveaway!
This time it is Me, Just Different by Stephanie Morrill.
You can read her interview with Prism here
That also has the giveaway stuff in it)

You can read Emii's interview with her here
And you can read my interview with her here
While I am on the subject thanks to everyone
who has read it it has had over 200 page views!
There are 3 ways to enter

~post about and leave a comment with the address

~comment saying you want to enter


The Giveaway ends on the 25th and Prism will
announce the winner on the 26th.
So go over and check it out!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm Back With 3 Reviews!

Yes I am finally posting again!
I was looking at my stats and it said that my
interview with Stephanie Morrill had 109 views!
That is amazing!
So any way here are 3 books I've read recently(past couple days)

My Fair Godmother
Janette Rallison

It tells of a only "Fair" godmother.
(the story really isn't on the godmother though)
She has to help Savannah who has just got dumped by her boyfriend.She gets 3 wishes. Her first 2 land her, in her view upside down and just plain wrong fairy tales.
When she finally wishes for a princely guy to take her to the prom
a friend(Tristan) her sister(who the boyfriend dumped her for because she was more his "studious" type) and her ex have tried to pair her up with.
She goes back to the middle ages to help him get out.Her sister and ex eventually end up there as well for the finally battles.
There is a black night that no one knows were he came from or who he is.In order to become a prince Tristan has to fight Ogre,Dragon and eventually this black night.Savannah tries to help with the help of a wizard but there is some treachery and a switching spell that twists up the happily ever after.

There wasn't any cussing that I can remember,
probably an OMG though.

They battled an ogre and there were several sword fights but I didn't think that they were really gory.There was a couple threats to cut someones hands of and them talking about the one of the Princes hanging people but other than that.

O.K. it is a fairy tale and there were quite a few kisses.
And at one point Savannah and Tristan are alone in a room by them selves and they might have been in the dark.
They also were at a campsite and were you know sleeping on opposite sides of the fire or something but just wanted to throw that in.

All the magic and Wizard stuff.

My rating:
5 stars.
I loved this book!
It was really well written and I fell in love with it.
13 up.

Lisi Harrison

Alpha Academy Shira's school for Alphas to take them to the top.
Skye, Charlie,Allie and 97 other girls have gotten into Alpha Academy and now most fight to be top alpha.
Her mother quite so she could go.She broke up with her boyfriend,Darwin,Shira's son to go.Now she has  to face Allie taking her ex( even it is unfair since Shira made her break up with him so she could go).Shira seems not to see her talent in electronics,she even designed half the school!She knows all about Shira and her sons having grown up with them since her mother was Shira's right hand lady.
Now she is in and the rules have changed.Can she survive heartbreak and Shira bossing her around as her "spy"?Will her true self shine out?

Having been top alpha,dancer and dater back at home she feels confident when she leaves but once she meets everyone else her aspects change.She is struggling to remain on top.
She no longer has the same rules and is trying to find her place.

After getting Allie J.'s, a famous singer who is into going green, mail forever!
It finally pays off.After a breakup with her boyfriend an invitation for Alpha Academy she changes her hair, eyes and whatever else to turn herself into Allie J. She gets involved with Darwin and is a bit at odds with Charlie because of it.

3 different girls, and only one will win.


The girls mildly arguing.

It says that Allie kissed Darwin but it never went into it.
Allie+Darwin/Charlie+Darwin stuff.
And all the girls crazy about the only 5 boys on the island.
Skye kisses one on the cheek.

Identity theft?lol.

It was O.K.
I'd say in my view 2 1/2.
To me it was a little depressing and
too much "top alphaness" for my taste.
I will not be reading it again.
I enjoy her other series The Clique much more than this.
I would not really advise you to read
because I didn't get much out of it.
14 up.

11 Birthdays
Wendy Mass

Amanda and Leo were born on the same day and
have been having there birthdays together for 10 years.
The past year to impress his friends Leo said
he didn't want to have his birthdays with Amanda.
She over heard and this year it just didn't happen.
Things go wrong after a miserable party and her mom losing her job.When Amanda wakes up to the same day she goes through her day in shock(on zombie mode)!The next day she pretends to be sick and stays home when she goes to school the next day she realizes when Leo doesn't follow the repeating that he is in with her!Together they most find out how to stop and renew their friendship.


Other than their parents getting mad at them none.
And arguments.

Amanda's older sister is trying to get a boy to
take her to a dance and then ends up taking a different one.

Other:The magic and a weird lady that is kinda fairyish.

I loved it and it was very real!
It just drew you in so much.
After I finished I gave it to my
mom and she loved it too!
It was a unique book.
5 out of 5 stars.
11 up.

has a new blog about Journaling!
So go check it out HERE


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Giveaway of Healers Apprentice

Prism at A Girl Of Many Colors is giving away
a signed copy of The Healers Apprentice.

It is a really great book and
I know this even though I
haven't read it yet!

The giveaway ends on October 4th
there are 4 ways to enter,
Blog it.
Comment saying you want to be entered.
Follow her.
And answer the questions that Melanie Dickerson asked in her interview with Prism
and her is Prism's review of it.
So go and enter it!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the trailer for it...


P.S.I promise I'll post soon!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Answering a Comment

Your welcome!
I had a lot of fun interviewing you!
You should totally read them Hollywood Nobody series
it is a really good series.I kinda,sorta didn't
remember her name and that is why
I didn't say anything before...oops.
But they're a really super awesome series.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Interivew:Stephanie Morrill

Here it is...
(I am in black and she is in purple)

HI Ms.Morrill!
Here is your first question:
(BTW, sorry this took so long,I had an unscheduled trip to my Great-Grandmothers for a week)
Also if there is anything you want taken out just change the ink to red.
1.What profession did you want to have as a child?
(This interview went back and forth in emails)

No worries :) Hope it was an enjoyable trip.
From the time I was in first grade, I wanted to be a writer. We had writing time everyday in class, and it was my favorite part of the day. I wrote absolutely crazy stories. The kind that I think might be held up as evidence in court that I was mentally deranged even from a young age. But I loved experimenting with writing even back then.
Yes it was great thank you.
2.How do you get ideas for your books?
Most my story ideas come from looking at real life situations and asking "What if?" Like with the Skylar books, I explored the idea of two sisters who were beautiful, but in completely different ways. Or the story I'm working on now came from asking, "What if someone had committed to never telling a lie?" It's amazing how once you start looking, story ideas are everywhere.

3. Speaking of the sisters
Skylar's sister gets pregnant.
Almost all teen authors write about pregnancy,drugs,abuse,sex and other stuff like that.
Is this something that you feel like is right?
Should teen girls that pick up the book somewhere read it and think that even though they have done something bad that there is still forgiveness and become a Christian? Or should it be something like divorice or soemthing they've gone through where they don't want to read about and want to read something happy.Another problem with doing this is some Christian girl who hasn't reached these topics, picks up the books and learns about them?What is your view on this?

I can't speak for all authors who write for teens. For me, I didn't write Me, Just Different thinking, "I have something to say about teen pregnancy, and Abbie will help me say it."  The issues flow organically from the story.
Is it right to discuss such issues? My view is who better to talk about life's realities than Christian authors? Secular authors are certainly discussing them. I see no reason why Christian authors shouldn't tackle the same subjects and shine The Light on them.
A teen (and his or her parents) should be in charge of deciding what they can handle in their reading material, not me. But there isn't a thing in my books that I hadn't dealt with in some capacity by my 8th grade year.

4.You write all teen books as far as I know,
do you see your self one day writing adult or children?
It was a good, important question. I'm glad you asked it.
can't imagine myself writing children's books. I've yet to have a good idea for one. 
My passion is for writing for teenagers. I have a few adult projects that I'd like to test out, but writing for adults intimidates meI feel like I survived high school fairly unscathed and have good things to say about life during those years. But I often still feel like I'm figuring out this whole adult thing. I have mornings where I wake up and think, "Whoa, I'm an adult!" So for now I'll stick with fiction for teens.
Favorite subject in school.
Favorite food.
Favorite book (hard?).
Favorite TV show.
Favorite movie.
Favorite artist (music).
Favorite subject in school.

English. Shocking, I know.
Favorite food.

I love, love, love food, so this one's hard for me. Probably homemade bread.
Favorite book (hard?).

Yikes, two hard ones in a row. Of classics, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Of current authors, The Passion of Mary-Margaret by Lisa Samson. Of YA, This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen.
Favorite TV show.

I'm kinda in-between favorite TV shows. I would have said The Office, but it's kinda gone downhill during the last season or two. I think overall my favorite show is probably Gilmore Girls.
Favorite movie.

Pride and Prejudice. The recent one with Keira Knightley.
Favorite artist (music)]

Muse, by far. Jimmy Eat World and Jack Johnson tie for a distant second.
That is shocking!!!!!!!!!
You love food?
Doesn't all of America?
I love Chinese food.
And Cheese quesadilla.
And Ice Cream.
And Brownies.
And,Oh right gotta get on with it.Heh heh.Oops.
7.If you weren't a writer what would you be?
Mmm, Chinese food. And ravioli. And mashed potatoes...
Hmm. I'm not really good at anything else. I think I would like owning a book store/coffee shop. So assuming my profession didn't have to be lucrative, that's what I would do.

I love my great-grandma's mashed potatoes!
8.If you could change 100 teens minds about something what would it be(a theme Purity, Pregnancy, Drugs, Drinking etc.).
Superficiality. I think we live in a time where it's especially easy to be superficial in our relationships, our studies, and our faith. I find myself falling into this trap too. A lot of my conversations happen via e-mail/Facebook rather than in person. My mind wanders when I pray or when I'm having my quiet time with God. And I hardly ever complete a task, whether it's making dinner or writing a chapter, without check my e-mail. Especially now that I have a smart phone.

More and more, I feel like our society needs people who love deeply, connect deeply, and think deeply
9. How important do you think it is for tweens or younger teens to pray 30 min. a day and read the Bible 30 min. as well?
This is the second to last question.
 I think it's important to pray everyday and read the Bible everyday. I don't know that 30 minutes is a magical number or anything. Like I don't know that it benefits you any to say, "I'm going to pray for 30 minutes, starting NOW." Ideally, I think you just do both for as long as it takes that day.

And while I think both are crucial disciplines in growing with God, I think it's also valuable to recognize that God loves us regardless.

Good answer!
10.Any advice for young authors?
Yes - tons! That's why I started, a blog where I answer questions of young writers and post lessons geared toward those just starting their writing journey.
That is cool.
I am sorry it took me this long, I have been busy.
I said that that one was the last question but I have just one more!
11.Who is your favorite Christian author and did they inspire you for your books.
It has been so fun interviewing you!
I'll send you a link when I post this.
Thanks for taking the time to interview me, Sierra!

My favorite Christian authors are always changing, but right now they are Lisa Samson, Sarah Sundin and Siri Mitchell. When I started writing the Skylar series, I didn't even know Christian fiction existed, so they didn't inspire me then, but they do now.
Once again thanks to Ms.Morrill.
I hope you enjoyed the interview!

P.S.Yes I realize that I left out a question #5.
But hey!I've still got 10 thanks to my "eleventh" question =)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!
An interview with author Stephanie Morrill!
I've sent her the last question so as soon as
she writes me back it's going up. =)
Her are 2 links ,
Girls, God And The Good Life....
has a problem with the page so no links sorry!=(
Until then=)
P.S. Thanks Caroline for following me!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


So on CBD it says that Healers Apprentice won't be released until September 20.So I have no idea but I probably read it wrong so it is not out yet sorry about that.Sierra

More Good Books

So yes a couple of books I just read that are awesome.

First,Katy's Debate the second in the Katy Lambright series.
By Kim Vogel Sawyer.

Katy's is using her debate skills to try and stop
the courting her father is doing she is trying to
prove she doesn't need a mother.
This was well written and is very interesting
because you get to live with the Amish for a bit.
Might be a bit depressing and there is tension between her and her father.She is also crushing on someone at her school(he is a Christian)and there is an Amish boy who is likes her.
I'd give it 12 up. 4  1/2  stars out of 5

Julia's Last Hope Women of the West #2.
By Janette Oke.

This is not the same cover as the one I read and I have only read this one in the series and I don't think you have to read them in order.

This was about a rich city girl who married a poor guy and after living harshly for a couple years, they inherit some money.And with it they build a big, nice house.That is what you learn about them. They now have 2, 13 year old daughters(twins).The mill has shut down and half the town leaves.A dozen families remain and struggle through 2 years, they bring in vacationers and plant gardens.It goes through how they survive and their pioneer spirit.The characters have a lot of faith in God and it is very inspirational.
I loved this book!
It was very exciting and it had great characters,
the main family was so well knitted together.
I think this is a "anyone can love it" book.
Very educational and not boring in the least.
I'd say 13 up and 5 out of 5 stars.

I hope you guys liked these reviews =)
Here is something you might like...

It is a book trailer for Melanie Dickerson's The Healers Apprentice.
It is out today!
So if you like it go check it out!
By for now with more soon,

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Flop And An Awesome Book.

So here are some good books that I would so
recommend and some I wouldn't.
Access Denied and other eighth grade error messages.

  Not a lot was happening and there was
way to much boy/girl and kissing scenes.
She went behind her parents backs and flirted with someone who was a lot older and kind of dated a guy who was about a year older.
But like I said nothing really going on,depressing and rubbish.

Now a book that is so much better!
Dream of Night.


It is a story about a girl,Shiloh, that has been in a bad home and since then has been bounced through foster homes.
She does some bad stuff because she is mad
at them for taking her away from her mom.
She is in her last home before she goes off to a place that I think a something.I can't remember sorry!
She doesn't want to go there anyway.
Jess trained horses when she was younger,
retired and rescues horses who have been abused.
Although she is now also thinking that she is to old for that.
She has broken through to many
foster kids but is taking in her last now.
She has just rescued Dream of Night (or Night) a
retired and mistreated racer horse.
He is upset with everyone and so is
Shiloh they connect and help each other.
It has a very happy ending and I loved it!
Very touching.
It might be a little depressing but I think it is well written and has the feeling just pouring out of it.
So this has been a flop and an awesome book tune in next time =)

Also, thank you Haylie for following.
Could you please give me your blog address?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Edge Of Apocalypse

There is the nuke heading to NY.
First off,thank you Emii for following me.
Edge Of Apocalypse by Tim Lahaye and Craig Parshall.
I had been asked to review this book when it was coming out,
but in checking out the site and all it just took to long and I never got to do it.
But now I can!
At first I didn't like it that much there is a lot of political stuff and it took me a bit to get really into it.
But once I did?Oh boy!
It had a little bit of romance. I mean 2 of the characters
were like 40 or so and married so that
wasn't weird and then their son had a girlfriend.
Violence there was a guy hired to kill the main character,Joshua,
and he killed some other people while doing it.
He also kidnaps his son and hurts him a little by breaking his finger.
And there are a couple bomb threats(one almost gets NY!) .
1 nuke anyway.
Language none that I can think of.
Other...1 friend of theirs is on drugs,goes to rehab and eventually accepts Christ.
And Joshua isn't a Christian,but he is opening up.  
My view on it (even though you've already heard some) :
I liked it a lot!  Once it started and you got into it, it will
have you up in the night reading (in my case anyway).
Though it was a type of end times it wasn't
like the Left Behind yet anyway.
I would give it 5 out 5 stars.
I thought it was very good.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Forever Friends Journal Giveaway

So one of the blogs I read is having a giveaway of a Forever Friends.
Here is a link to her blog Girlz 4 God.
Now this is the journal:
It is really pretty.
It has, quote,

"Inspired by comments from readers of the popular CHRISTY MILLER series, Robin Jones Gunn has partnered with Ellie Claire to create the new Forever Friends Journal.

This beautifully detailed, interactive journal features story excerpts from Robin's bestselling books along with some of her favorite quotations and Bible verses that focus on the rich, sweet treasure of friendship with God and others. Lined pages are ready to be filled with all the dreams, celebrations, and prayers that you share with your Forever Friends."
Doesn't it sound AWESOME!?!??!?!?
Me I love journal and currently since I couldn't find the "right" one I'm using a plain old one that you use for school and other random stuff.
Bad thing is,I have another one that looks just like it so I have to be careful with them.
To enter you must:
1. Leave a comment (1 entree)
2.Follow Emii (Another entree)
3.Do a post and then give here the URL/Address.(1more!)
You can get 3 entrees and the Giveaway ends on August 20.
So run on over!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Premiere.And A Bit Of Catwalk.

Better cover than her others right?

So Prism interview this book by Melody Carlson
and said that it was better than
The Carter House Girls, which was true!
It is a lot better than The Carter House Girls.
She had said that it had a drinking scene which
the main character, Erin, didn't approve of.Also true.
But what was also in it was the reality TV stuff a little
BF cheating, an old BF comes back and wants to go out again.
It was reall, a good book and it also, I think, brought up some of the Christian values more than in her other books.
There is also some word fighting among 2 girls.
Quick summery:
Erin and her sister, Paige, are hired to do a Fashion TV show.
They guest star on reality TV show, Malibu Beach, as publicity.
Paige starts going out with Mia's,one of stars on Malibu Beach,boyfriend because he said that their romance was all for the show.
Erin doesn't approve.She also is having problems with her best friend  who isn't really talking to her and is jealous because she loves fashion and Erin doesn't.Just as all of this happens,TV shows, Fashion, Having to look after her sister to make sure she doesn't get into trouble and now her old boyfriend, who broke her heart, is back and wants to go out again.She is the only Christian in her family and is plain next to her sister can she make it through mean girls,TV,Boyfriends and Worldly problems?
Romance:Talking about going out and maybe a kiss on the cheek.
Violence:Mia slaps her"boyfriend"and then the word
cat fights between Mai and Paige.
This cover is even better!
And some mean words from Paige about someones dress.
Other:Minor drinking scene.
In the second book Erin's best friend is pregnant
and there is a drunk driving accident which results in the death Mia.
They are in NYC for Fashion week and catch up with some of The Carter House Girls.
Which I thought was an interesting way to tie in the series.
There is a part at a party where there is alcohol for a drink.
She again disapproves though she doesn't say anything.
Her old BF,Blake, talks to Benjamin, the guy who had the car crash, about God and he is open to it.Blake doesn't really seem bad and doesn't push her.
I'd say both of these are for 13 1/2 and up.
3 1/2 stars they were O.K.They could have done
without some stuff and they were a bit depressing.
There were some fashion names,but I already knew
half of them and  there were only about a dozen.
Like I said they were better than The Carter House Girls,but they still had some issues.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A little Blog On The Prairie Review

I read this book and it looked good.
Half of it was good.
Maybe 65%.
Genevieve's (A.K.A. Gen) family
is taking a vacation to a reenactment of the pioneers.
As any city-slicker girl would be she is upset.
She has to give up all 21st century stuff,but she sneaks in her new cell phone.
She texts her friends about stuff going on.
Chickens,cows,corn and more!
Her friends turn her texts into blog posts and her
blog is really hitting off,but she doesn't know that.
She endures so much!
A semi-mean girl who seems to have gotten Gen's crush,
outhouses,not-so-great food(and the same thing at that),
Washing clothes,the clothes for that matter,
and getting bad"grades"at the weekly picnic.
(The owners give the families grades depending on how they did that week)
Then Gen finds out that the owners aren't exactly playing fair.
Tragedy strikes when she loses her cell phone and accidents happen.
Will she stay and complete with her family the 6 weeks?
(Not sure if it was 6 weeks though)
Romance:Talking about her crush on Caleb,
saying that his rolled up shirt sleeves
(not much, just around the wrist)
where sexy,a couple kisses and saying he was cute.
A couple problems with her parents if
you count that in this section.
Language:OMG,maybe one other.
Violence:A fire and the girls word exchanges.
Talk of bears.
Other:Nothing that I can think of.
I'd give it maybe a 3?
It was O.K. most of the time there was a good
deal of stuff I didn't agree with,but the pioneer stuff was cool.
I thought that the way they brought out the how horrible
and harsh it was there and soooo old.I disagree!
I have friends that have chickens,
my Papa's neighbors have cows and the cooking seemed a bit far out.
I mean it was talking like the mother couldn't
cook anything and I'm like come on!!!!!!!
I don't think that it would be that hard to cook
some veggies and bread,would it?
I'd probably say...
12 1/2 to 13 up.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Wide-Awake Princess

The Wide-Awake Princess
by E.D. Baker
( The Frog Princess stories)
Annie (A.K.A. Anabelle)
is sister to the princess who had the evil
"Your going to die when you turn 16" spell
(A.K.A. Sleeping Beauty) which got turned
into sleeping for a 100 years.
So to protect her from magic her parents took
her to her Godmother (I think) and ask her to help
she puts a spell on her so that no
magic good or bad can effect her.
Thus,she is shunned by her family who all have
magic gifts to make them stay handsome or beautiful.
However on her sisters, Gwendolyn, 16th birthday
she foils one plan but can't stop when her sister opens
up a present to find a spindle she pricks her
finger and everyone falls asleep.
Since magic cannot touch/hurt Annie she gets orders
from her mother to find the guy Gwendolyn was going
to marry to come wake everybody up
(she can bring them out of sleep briefly when she touches them).
So she embarks on a mission to go get him.
Here E.D. Baker starts twisting in other fairy tales
(quite ingenious actually and intriguing)
It starts off when she finds a old house made out of candy materials.
There is an old forgetful woman there who has taken in 2 kids,
( Hansel And Gretel)
who happen to have been kidnapped when
they were younger and then escaped,
got lost and where taken in again.
Annie soon discovers that the woman puts
the children in cages at night and helps them escape.
Then she is separated from them and runs into
an enchanted prince (turned into a bear) while
she's talking to him a guard form her
castle who was sent away on an errand finds
her the bear/prince is asked to look out for the
children and Annie will be assisted by Liam to
find Digby,the man Gwendolyn was going to marry.
They find him send him on ahead to the castle
and Annie enters a contest to marry prince Andreas
( Gail Carson Levine's The Princess test...1/2 of it anyway )
she wins and asks him to join the quest then they meet
up with prince Clarence who says he thinks
they could enlist his brother who is missing
2 kids (wink wink) in their search
(because Annie is not really sure if Digby or
the other prince is Gwendolyn's true love).
They "rescue" Clarence's princess
(which turns out to be a Beauty and the Beast retelling)
and Annie's magic stopping comes in handy in several tight spots =)
I just realized that I should probably stop before I give
away the ending (which is happy).
So now...
Couple of kisses
(how else are you going to wake up Sleeping Beauty?)
and some thinking that someone (Liam) is cute.
Talk of getting married.
The usual fighting in a fairy tale,but defiantly not much.
In the test for marrying Andreas a couple girls are
kind of being mean to Annie.
Digby is drunk when they find him.
The fairy magic.
I can't remember if there is a witch,but I am pretty sure not.
I believe they were all fairies.
I'd rate it:
6 out of 5 stars
(I realize I went over last time I'll keep it under 7 now
I just need something to say it was an awesome book!).
Next up:
The sequel
(possibly,not sure if you'd call it that
but it would seem that is what it is)
to The Princess of the Midnight Ball,
The Princess of Glass by Jessica Day George.
It is a retelling of Cinderella and the first book
(6 out of 5) is a retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses.
Sorry this took so long =(

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Coming Soon!The Wide-Awake Princess

So The Wide-Awake Princess...
yes it's coming soon and it is written by E.D.Baker.
Can't wait!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Book Giveaway

So I got a comment yesterday
(it might not have been yesterday,not sure)
from a guy named Seth,he saw that I liked
The Door Within on my profile.
He told me that he is having a giveaway,
Wayne Thomas Batson's latest
book 2 of the The Berinfell Prophecies.
Here is a link to his blog,
The Narrowing Road
You can enter 3 ways
1: Leave a comment
2:Follow him
3:Do a post and give the address on a comment
So if you want to be a part go check it out.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Motorcycles, Sushi, and One Strange Book

So I love this book!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you tell I really like it?
Jessie Hatcher is a 15 teen year old girl with ADHD.
But when her dad suddenly
shows up to see her it puts her mother,
who has a bipolar disorder, over the edge.
She is getting help and Jessie has to
go and live with her father for a short time.
Obviously she is not happy,
I mean would you if
some guy you don't know shows up,
takes you and leaves your mom
all alone in the hospital?
I might be a little confused/upset/couple other emotions.
So she is not happy. In the airport she finds a book on a seat and takes
(FYI she dumped her meds so she is really hyper) it without thinking.
Later when she reads this mysterious RL
book she feels like it is talking to her.
She finds it a calm spot in the storm of:
a cute guy, Rocky, who bugs her(she thinks her dad is
making him hang out with her), a half-sister who hates her,
a job at a sushi place, and her dad who is helping her with her ADHD.
When her mom gets out of the hospital she
wants her to come with her and run away from her dad.
What will she choose?
One kiss,her best friend is going out with
a guy and then wants her to go out with this other friend of theirs,
and one talk about where they're going with Rocky.
None that I can think of.
Well there is that story about how Jesus called
the demons out of that man and put them in the pig.
Some name calling between her and her half-sister.
And then her mom is putting her down near the end.
Her dad had a drinking problem.
Doesn't anymore.
And right after her mom calls she calls Rocky and goes
down to talk to him on the beach.
She is sitting on his motorcycle and her dad
comes out and gets really mad
(he said she couldn't get on any motorcycle unless it was with him).
So I'd rate this like 7 out of 5,
I really like this book.
It may sound bad,but it was really a turn-around book and I just loved it!
13 and up.
Also thank you Galya for following!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Coming Soon!

Coming soon!
Motorcycles,Sushi,And One Strange Book.
Nancy Rue,Real Life book 1.
I hope everyone likes the new look!
Please vote on my poll.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Last Command

This is the third Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn.
Summery:The battle with the
remnant of the empire continues!
Now that the empire has the Katana
(about 200 big ships) some of the spirit is lost.
The empire has been working
up and regaining some planets.
Then the empires bargain with the clone
of the Jedi master Joruus C'Baoth is kinda running thin.
They siad that for his help they would give him
Luke and Leia,
he had Luke for a brief time,but then he left.
So now he is demanding Leia and her twins that were just born.
I'm telling you your mother
instincts will be set of with the twins.
So the empire sends a team to go get them they fail,
but accuse Mara Jade of letting them in.
The smuggler Talon Kardde is raising up some
smuggler friends to fight back against the empire.
Luke and Mara Jade go to Wayland where
(Han, Lando, Chewie, R2D2 and C3PO too )
the Emperor had his storehouses and
where the clones are being made in 20 days
(the regular is about a year,I think)!
They have some Noghri(I think I spelled that right)
with them and with Leia and the twins.
Also some battles with the Rogue Squadron in them.
Romance:Might have been something between Leia and Han,
like a hug or talking,but not really anything else.
Violence:The usual blowing up ship and lightsaber fights.
Language:there is probably some name calling,but NO cuss words.
Other:The weird Jedi force stuff.
Rating:5 stars
The 2 before it:
Heir to the Empire
Dark Force Rising.
Hope you liked the review and I hope
I didn't leave out anything important!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Celtic Traveler,answer to you comment.

Your Welcome I hope you have an
awesome week with NO more down days.
Quick funny follower story:
I didn't realize when I came to my blog
that Rose was following me but when I
got to my dashboard I was like wait,3 followers?
Then I got sooo excited it was really funny.
Thank you to all my followers for following!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hey!Quick stuff

First off,Thank you Celtic traveler for following me!
Do you have a blog?
Because you did not have a link to it on
your thing when I pulled you up.
So if you could please let me know I'd love to see it!
I'm putting up a poll (not on books)for my music blog
(coming soon)so if anyone who is stopping by try to do it I would LOVE that!
Happy Mothers day to all!
I have to go!
P.S. Keep up the good reading!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Thirteenth Princess

This is an awesome book!
I love Fairy Tales/Fantasy stuff so this was totally me!
It is a retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses.
Only there is a number 13 Princess.
Who ends up saving them with of course,a guy.
It was interesting how they did the guy:
the one who marries the eldest is a soldier,
his younger brother is a stable boy
(who is friends with the 13th Princess).
So they mixed the different stories together in this one.
There is even a bit of a mystery too.
Romance:It has a couple of kisses(3 I think).
Other:It has a witch in it and it's a good witch,
but other than that and some magic nothing else.
It was a very clean book.
You guys should totally check it out.