Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pearls of Lutra

So I'm now about half way
done with Pearls of Lutra,
What's Happened so far is...
Tansy the Hedgehog and her friend
Arven the squirrel find a dead rat and
when Martin the warrior of Redwall and
some other people from the abbey look
at him(the dead rat)they find a spoon of
Fermald the ancient who cared for the rat
when he came to the abbey wounded.
Across the ocean the emperor of Sampetra
(I think that is the name of the island)
is looking for 6 pearls that the rat stole
he send one of his lizards
(captain monitor or something)
Lask,with some other lizards and
sea rats to go find them at the abbey
and retrieve them.
He is called "mad eyes" because he can hypnotize
people.He sends 4 seagulls after them to help.
At the abbey two visitors,a hare and an owl,
are helping with some riddles.
They have found out that Fermald
left clues to where the pearls are.
I've got to go now.XOX,

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