Wednesday, April 21, 2010

StarLighter Book Giveaway

So I'm entering this contest
for a free Star Lighter book!
Yeah pretty awesome.
It's Bryan Davis's new book.
He's written the Oracles of Fire,
Dragons in our Midst,and
Echoes from the Edge.
And since I love fantasy and dragons,
he is a perfect author for me.
So I think after I finish this post and
leave a comment I'm entered twice
(I think).
So correct if I'm wrong people.
(Correct me if I'm wrong:
Hannah Montana3,I wanna know you.
I really am working on that music blog,
I'm trying to come up with a name for it.)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Pearls of Lutra

This is the last time for
this book and I'm going to
have to cut this a little short.....
After meeting up with some seals
that brought them to a otter clans
secret island and taking the leaders
son to help them Martin Voila and
the others go to fight Mad eyes..
back at the abbey they solve the riddles
(and let me tell you it was very tricky!)
find all the pearls
(I finished this a little while back
so I might be leaving something out)
and tansy has a dream from Martin
saying that they(they people out at sea)
will return with the sea king
(the king of the seals)
Back at Sampetra most everybody has
turned against the emperor all he
has left is his lizards.
Martin wounds the emperor
and then the emperor is slain by a
snake that was guarding his crown
where the pearls were going to be set.
then once they get out they leave the
rebels with out anyway off the island.
Then the seal king brings them home.
Tansy,who is to be the new Abbess,
throws the pearls into the ocean.
The book I'm reading now is
I just finished reading the Long Patrol.

That is all!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pearls of Lutra

So I have just now finished Pearls of Lutra...
The rats and lizards have arrived and kidnapped
the Abbot and a bank vole,Voila,when they
were out looking for some herbs and such.
There is a battle on the shore for the prisoners
and Martin and Clecky the hare (Gerul the owl
and skipper the otter leader were injured and
went back to the Abbey)join up with
the otter who's tribe was slain for the pearls.
And Log-a-log and his shrews.
In the fight the Abbot helps Voila escape
and she is sent back to the Abbey after the
rats escape,but doubles back because she
wants to help find the Abbot with the others
who are going to pursue the kidnappers.
That is all for now.