Monday, May 3, 2010

What I've been reading

So I know I haven't posted in like forever,
but I've been really busy.
That is my excuse,nobody argue with it.
Anyway I've been reading a bunch of different stuff.
For instance,

I read High Rhulain by Brian Jacques.
It had the usual amount of violence
that you get from Brian Jacques.
No romance.
Puzzles, riddles,songs and that sort of stuff.
No language really,I mean except for stuff like
name calling,but no cuss words.
I really liked it a lot,it was my
first time reading it and I loved it!
Quick summery:
Tiria is the skippers daughter wants
to be a skipper one day,but can't because
there are never any female skippers.
She rescues 2 birds who are from an island
called The Green Isle.
She ends up taking a journey there because
Martin the Warrior and a High Rhulain come
to her in a dream.Her friends at Redwall solve riddles
while she is gone then send her a
cornet by one of the birds she rescued.
She goes to Salamandestron and
(I hope I spelled that right)
gets some hares and then goes to save the otters
who are fighting the Wildcat Riggu Felis.
So I'd give it 5 stars.
Lets see something else I've been reading....
well I just recently finished Enna Burning
by Shannon Hale.
I've read a bunch of her books and
she is an AWESOME writer.
Violence:a good bit because they are at
war with their neighboring country.
And also because she burns people so if
that is to much for you don't read it.
Romance:A medium bit.She is captured by
a people-speaker and falls in love,
but then after she escapes finds out who her true love really is.
Bad language:None that I can think of.
Other:3 people are in a tent together,but separately.
And it also is a bit dark too.
Quick Summery:
Enna's brother gets fire-speaking and dies,
she learns and it starts to take over her too,
she uses it to help in the war against Tira.
She eventually gets caught and is
tricked by a people-speaker.
She finally escapes while he is gone
and pretty much wins the war for Bayern .
She to,almost dies,but she and her friend,
the queen,go on a mission to try to find
peace form fire and wind speaking.
Defiantly 5 stars.
This was my 3rd time reading it.
P.S.It has a very happy ending.
I think that is all I'm going to do for now
(my fingers are tired).
So till later.

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