Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A little Blog On The Prairie Review

I read this book and it looked good.
Half of it was good.
Maybe 65%.
Genevieve's (A.K.A. Gen) family
is taking a vacation to a reenactment of the pioneers.
As any city-slicker girl would be she is upset.
She has to give up all 21st century stuff,but she sneaks in her new cell phone.
She texts her friends about stuff going on.
Chickens,cows,corn and more!
Her friends turn her texts into blog posts and her
blog is really hitting off,but she doesn't know that.
She endures so much!
A semi-mean girl who seems to have gotten Gen's crush,
outhouses,not-so-great food(and the same thing at that),
Washing clothes,the clothes for that matter,
and getting bad"grades"at the weekly picnic.
(The owners give the families grades depending on how they did that week)
Then Gen finds out that the owners aren't exactly playing fair.
Tragedy strikes when she loses her cell phone and accidents happen.
Will she stay and complete with her family the 6 weeks?
(Not sure if it was 6 weeks though)
Romance:Talking about her crush on Caleb,
saying that his rolled up shirt sleeves
(not much, just around the wrist)
where sexy,a couple kisses and saying he was cute.
A couple problems with her parents if
you count that in this section.
Language:OMG,maybe one other.
Violence:A fire and the girls word exchanges.
Talk of bears.
Other:Nothing that I can think of.
I'd give it maybe a 3?
It was O.K. most of the time there was a good
deal of stuff I didn't agree with,but the pioneer stuff was cool.
I thought that the way they brought out the how horrible
and harsh it was there and soooo old.I disagree!
I have friends that have chickens,
my Papa's neighbors have cows and the cooking seemed a bit far out.
I mean it was talking like the mother couldn't
cook anything and I'm like come on!!!!!!!
I don't think that it would be that hard to cook
some veggies and bread,would it?
I'd probably say...
12 1/2 to 13 up.

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