Sunday, July 25, 2010

Premiere.And A Bit Of Catwalk.

Better cover than her others right?

So Prism interview this book by Melody Carlson
and said that it was better than
The Carter House Girls, which was true!
It is a lot better than The Carter House Girls.
She had said that it had a drinking scene which
the main character, Erin, didn't approve of.Also true.
But what was also in it was the reality TV stuff a little
BF cheating, an old BF comes back and wants to go out again.
It was reall, a good book and it also, I think, brought up some of the Christian values more than in her other books.
There is also some word fighting among 2 girls.
Quick summery:
Erin and her sister, Paige, are hired to do a Fashion TV show.
They guest star on reality TV show, Malibu Beach, as publicity.
Paige starts going out with Mia's,one of stars on Malibu Beach,boyfriend because he said that their romance was all for the show.
Erin doesn't approve.She also is having problems with her best friend  who isn't really talking to her and is jealous because she loves fashion and Erin doesn't.Just as all of this happens,TV shows, Fashion, Having to look after her sister to make sure she doesn't get into trouble and now her old boyfriend, who broke her heart, is back and wants to go out again.She is the only Christian in her family and is plain next to her sister can she make it through mean girls,TV,Boyfriends and Worldly problems?
Romance:Talking about going out and maybe a kiss on the cheek.
Violence:Mia slaps her"boyfriend"and then the word
cat fights between Mai and Paige.
This cover is even better!
And some mean words from Paige about someones dress.
Other:Minor drinking scene.
In the second book Erin's best friend is pregnant
and there is a drunk driving accident which results in the death Mia.
They are in NYC for Fashion week and catch up with some of The Carter House Girls.
Which I thought was an interesting way to tie in the series.
There is a part at a party where there is alcohol for a drink.
She again disapproves though she doesn't say anything.
Her old BF,Blake, talks to Benjamin, the guy who had the car crash, about God and he is open to it.Blake doesn't really seem bad and doesn't push her.
I'd say both of these are for 13 1/2 and up.
3 1/2 stars they were O.K.They could have done
without some stuff and they were a bit depressing.
There were some fashion names,but I already knew
half of them and  there were only about a dozen.
Like I said they were better than The Carter House Girls,but they still had some issues.

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