Thursday, August 5, 2010

Edge Of Apocalypse

There is the nuke heading to NY.
First off,thank you Emii for following me.
Edge Of Apocalypse by Tim Lahaye and Craig Parshall.
I had been asked to review this book when it was coming out,
but in checking out the site and all it just took to long and I never got to do it.
But now I can!
At first I didn't like it that much there is a lot of political stuff and it took me a bit to get really into it.
But once I did?Oh boy!
It had a little bit of romance. I mean 2 of the characters
were like 40 or so and married so that
wasn't weird and then their son had a girlfriend.
Violence there was a guy hired to kill the main character,Joshua,
and he killed some other people while doing it.
He also kidnaps his son and hurts him a little by breaking his finger.
And there are a couple bomb threats(one almost gets NY!) .
1 nuke anyway.
Language none that I can think of.
Other...1 friend of theirs is on drugs,goes to rehab and eventually accepts Christ.
And Joshua isn't a Christian,but he is opening up.  
My view on it (even though you've already heard some) :
I liked it a lot!  Once it started and you got into it, it will
have you up in the night reading (in my case anyway).
Though it was a type of end times it wasn't
like the Left Behind yet anyway.
I would give it 5 out 5 stars.
I thought it was very good.

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