Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Flop And An Awesome Book.

So here are some good books that I would so
recommend and some I wouldn't.
Access Denied and other eighth grade error messages.

  Not a lot was happening and there was
way to much boy/girl and kissing scenes.
She went behind her parents backs and flirted with someone who was a lot older and kind of dated a guy who was about a year older.
But like I said nothing really going on,depressing and rubbish.

Now a book that is so much better!
Dream of Night.


It is a story about a girl,Shiloh, that has been in a bad home and since then has been bounced through foster homes.
She does some bad stuff because she is mad
at them for taking her away from her mom.
She is in her last home before she goes off to a place that I think a something.I can't remember sorry!
She doesn't want to go there anyway.
Jess trained horses when she was younger,
retired and rescues horses who have been abused.
Although she is now also thinking that she is to old for that.
She has broken through to many
foster kids but is taking in her last now.
She has just rescued Dream of Night (or Night) a
retired and mistreated racer horse.
He is upset with everyone and so is
Shiloh they connect and help each other.
It has a very happy ending and I loved it!
Very touching.
It might be a little depressing but I think it is well written and has the feeling just pouring out of it.
So this has been a flop and an awesome book tune in next time =)

Also, thank you Haylie for following.
Could you please give me your blog address?

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