Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Forever Friends Journal Giveaway

So one of the blogs I read is having a giveaway of a Forever Friends.
Here is a link to her blog Girlz 4 God.
Now this is the journal:
It is really pretty.
It has, quote,

"Inspired by comments from readers of the popular CHRISTY MILLER series, Robin Jones Gunn has partnered with Ellie Claire to create the new Forever Friends Journal.

This beautifully detailed, interactive journal features story excerpts from Robin's bestselling books along with some of her favorite quotations and Bible verses that focus on the rich, sweet treasure of friendship with God and others. Lined pages are ready to be filled with all the dreams, celebrations, and prayers that you share with your Forever Friends."
Doesn't it sound AWESOME!?!??!?!?
Me I love journal and currently since I couldn't find the "right" one I'm using a plain old one that you use for school and other random stuff.
Bad thing is,I have another one that looks just like it so I have to be careful with them.
To enter you must:
1. Leave a comment (1 entree)
2.Follow Emii (Another entree)
3.Do a post and then give here the URL/Address.(1more!)
You can get 3 entrees and the Giveaway ends on August 20.
So run on over!

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