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Interivew:Stephanie Morrill

Here it is...
(I am in black and she is in purple)

HI Ms.Morrill!
Here is your first question:
(BTW, sorry this took so long,I had an unscheduled trip to my Great-Grandmothers for a week)
Also if there is anything you want taken out just change the ink to red.
1.What profession did you want to have as a child?
(This interview went back and forth in emails)

No worries :) Hope it was an enjoyable trip.
From the time I was in first grade, I wanted to be a writer. We had writing time everyday in class, and it was my favorite part of the day. I wrote absolutely crazy stories. The kind that I think might be held up as evidence in court that I was mentally deranged even from a young age. But I loved experimenting with writing even back then.
Yes it was great thank you.
2.How do you get ideas for your books?
Most my story ideas come from looking at real life situations and asking "What if?" Like with the Skylar books, I explored the idea of two sisters who were beautiful, but in completely different ways. Or the story I'm working on now came from asking, "What if someone had committed to never telling a lie?" It's amazing how once you start looking, story ideas are everywhere.

3. Speaking of the sisters
Skylar's sister gets pregnant.
Almost all teen authors write about pregnancy,drugs,abuse,sex and other stuff like that.
Is this something that you feel like is right?
Should teen girls that pick up the book somewhere read it and think that even though they have done something bad that there is still forgiveness and become a Christian? Or should it be something like divorice or soemthing they've gone through where they don't want to read about and want to read something happy.Another problem with doing this is some Christian girl who hasn't reached these topics, picks up the books and learns about them?What is your view on this?

I can't speak for all authors who write for teens. For me, I didn't write Me, Just Different thinking, "I have something to say about teen pregnancy, and Abbie will help me say it."  The issues flow organically from the story.
Is it right to discuss such issues? My view is who better to talk about life's realities than Christian authors? Secular authors are certainly discussing them. I see no reason why Christian authors shouldn't tackle the same subjects and shine The Light on them.
A teen (and his or her parents) should be in charge of deciding what they can handle in their reading material, not me. But there isn't a thing in my books that I hadn't dealt with in some capacity by my 8th grade year.

4.You write all teen books as far as I know,
do you see your self one day writing adult or children?
It was a good, important question. I'm glad you asked it.
can't imagine myself writing children's books. I've yet to have a good idea for one. 
My passion is for writing for teenagers. I have a few adult projects that I'd like to test out, but writing for adults intimidates meI feel like I survived high school fairly unscathed and have good things to say about life during those years. But I often still feel like I'm figuring out this whole adult thing. I have mornings where I wake up and think, "Whoa, I'm an adult!" So for now I'll stick with fiction for teens.
Favorite subject in school.
Favorite food.
Favorite book (hard?).
Favorite TV show.
Favorite movie.
Favorite artist (music).
Favorite subject in school.

English. Shocking, I know.
Favorite food.

I love, love, love food, so this one's hard for me. Probably homemade bread.
Favorite book (hard?).

Yikes, two hard ones in a row. Of classics, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Of current authors, The Passion of Mary-Margaret by Lisa Samson. Of YA, This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen.
Favorite TV show.

I'm kinda in-between favorite TV shows. I would have said The Office, but it's kinda gone downhill during the last season or two. I think overall my favorite show is probably Gilmore Girls.
Favorite movie.

Pride and Prejudice. The recent one with Keira Knightley.
Favorite artist (music)]

Muse, by far. Jimmy Eat World and Jack Johnson tie for a distant second.
That is shocking!!!!!!!!!
You love food?
Doesn't all of America?
I love Chinese food.
And Cheese quesadilla.
And Ice Cream.
And Brownies.
And,Oh right gotta get on with it.Heh heh.Oops.
7.If you weren't a writer what would you be?
Mmm, Chinese food. And ravioli. And mashed potatoes...
Hmm. I'm not really good at anything else. I think I would like owning a book store/coffee shop. So assuming my profession didn't have to be lucrative, that's what I would do.

I love my great-grandma's mashed potatoes!
8.If you could change 100 teens minds about something what would it be(a theme Purity, Pregnancy, Drugs, Drinking etc.).
Superficiality. I think we live in a time where it's especially easy to be superficial in our relationships, our studies, and our faith. I find myself falling into this trap too. A lot of my conversations happen via e-mail/Facebook rather than in person. My mind wanders when I pray or when I'm having my quiet time with God. And I hardly ever complete a task, whether it's making dinner or writing a chapter, without check my e-mail. Especially now that I have a smart phone.

More and more, I feel like our society needs people who love deeply, connect deeply, and think deeply
9. How important do you think it is for tweens or younger teens to pray 30 min. a day and read the Bible 30 min. as well?
This is the second to last question.
 I think it's important to pray everyday and read the Bible everyday. I don't know that 30 minutes is a magical number or anything. Like I don't know that it benefits you any to say, "I'm going to pray for 30 minutes, starting NOW." Ideally, I think you just do both for as long as it takes that day.

And while I think both are crucial disciplines in growing with God, I think it's also valuable to recognize that God loves us regardless.

Good answer!
10.Any advice for young authors?
Yes - tons! That's why I started, a blog where I answer questions of young writers and post lessons geared toward those just starting their writing journey.
That is cool.
I am sorry it took me this long, I have been busy.
I said that that one was the last question but I have just one more!
11.Who is your favorite Christian author and did they inspire you for your books.
It has been so fun interviewing you!
I'll send you a link when I post this.
Thanks for taking the time to interview me, Sierra!

My favorite Christian authors are always changing, but right now they are Lisa Samson, Sarah Sundin and Siri Mitchell. When I started writing the Skylar series, I didn't even know Christian fiction existed, so they didn't inspire me then, but they do now.
Once again thanks to Ms.Morrill.
I hope you enjoyed the interview!

P.S.Yes I realize that I left out a question #5.
But hey!I've still got 10 thanks to my "eleventh" question =)


  1. Such interesting questions, I loved your answers Steph! I love Lisa Samson, but I've only read the first two books of the Hollywood Nobody series. Awesome books!
    I especially love your answer to #8. That is just so true.


  2. Thanks for interviewing me, Sierra!

    Emii, isn't Lisa Samson amazing? I need to read her Hollywood Nobody series. It's on my ever-growing to-read list...

  3. Yes, she is very amazing. I'm still to find the other books in the series though...


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