Saturday, October 30, 2010

How My Private Personal Jouranl Became A Bestseller

How My Private Personal Journal Became A bestseller by Julia Devillers.
Jamie is a normal kid getting put down by popular and "perfect"girls at school.The typical average kid who wants to be pretty and like a star.
One night she expresses her feelings into her diary on the computer by accident her friend prints it out instead of her homework.Her teacher loves gives it to a friends who through more people get it published and on the charts!This is very shocking to Jamie but now with Isabella, who transforms into IS the superhero who can destroy evil with a flick(hand flick), she can finally be popular,get noticed by her crush and help other girls like her!But soon everyone is bearing down on her the evil popular girls are mad and Jamie is getting pressured to write another book and she just can't seem to get it right!There is also a girl that could be in trouble Jamie never asked for all this responsibility can she figure it all out.

I thought that it was an O.K. book...although her Trading Faces books more.This story went into how much the "imperfect" and unpopular girls are treated.It was a great feeling to see them standing up for themselves in this book.
I would give it 4 out of 5.

Romance:Jamie's sister has a boyfriend.The guy she is crushing on takes her out because the evil bad popular girl wants to make her look bad by making him break up with her and he kisses her when the date ends.(note I do not approve of this at all!Date and kiss both.)Then she finds a better guy at the end of the book I don't think they kiss but they might have held hands and she says she was happy about it being a small car as they ride home.Then the girl that needed help almost ran of to see someone she had met on the internet because she had a bad homelife.

Violence:Mean girls talking about normal girls.

Language:OMG,maybe cr**, name calling and putting people down.

Other:Her sister is a hacker and pulled a prank by switching her password.
14 up.

Hope ou enjoyed this.
Due to that I have run out of time I will not be doing another review as I thought I would be until tomorrow.Sorry


Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Talent Thief

The Talent Thief by Alex Williams

Adam goes with his sister,Cressida,  to a Talent Festival where everyone who has a talent can show it off.Adam has no talent and is unwelcomed and shunned by most everyone.
He has a room on top of the hotel in a shed.He sees a creature and follows it to a room of trophies the creature tries to take something from him but is disappointed.
Later after 3 performances during which the talents disappear and the people left talentless.After everyone's talent has been taken by Fortescue and the Creature. Adam, his sister and Amy ,a retired race car driver due to a loss of talent, search for their talents.The team up along the way with someone who was used by Fortescue to capture the Creature with his hunting skills, then loosing them.They have to stop Fortescue before he takes everyone's talents and finds a way to take them all for himself!

10 up

I thought that it took a while for me to get into it but it really started going towards the end.You could kind of guess part of the ending
(which is a good balance for me)and there were some mysteries to that they had to figure out as the were searching for Fortescue.

Between a piano player and Adam's sister there was a touch but not much.And with Amy and the Tracker there was a bit more.Like "He liked her spark for adventure" typish.


Violence:It wasn't violent but it might be a little scary be cause of how the Creature gets your talent and then near the end they have to get inside the evil bad guys lair.

Other:The Creature is some kind of dinosaur type thing.It out survived it's other Creatures that were trapped with it in this crater it was trapped in.The whole Talent grabbing thing.He pulled it out of their heads like he had telekinesis.

4 out of 5 stars.
I thought it was good but once was enough for me and the story could have been a bit better.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Sorry And An Review/Update

I am sorry I didn't post last week I ran out of time to do it!
I have read so many books recently so I'll
won't be doing a 3 in 1 review but one at time.
This is my first one and I 'll probably try to do about 5 this week.

Balance Point by Kathy Tyers
New Jedi Order #6

The Yuuzhan Vong have conquered many
systems causing destruction and chaos everywhere they go.
Han and Jacen are trying to help Han's friend Droma's family of Duros.
Jacen is battling himself as he tries to shun himself from the force fearing that he isn't using it right.Leia is trying to tie together all the knots of evacuating refuges to other systems and is worried about Han since they're at odds.Jaina has been hurt in a battle and is recovering her sight.She and her mother as well as the rest of their family try to reach out to Jacen and show their worry for him.Mara has somehow
(possibly by the force)become pregnant and is insecure about it in many ways.She is feeling protective of it and many other emotions.
Since recovering from her Yuuzhan Vong inflicted illness she has been wary waiting for any signs of it coming back she is now worried that it will harm the baby if it comes back or is still there.Luke, of course,  is happy about it.Anakin is becoming very skilled in the force as Luke comes to find out when they embark on a mission on Duros to investigate a missing apprentice.

This was as I find most Star Wars books very enjoy able.
I would rate it 4 stars because it wasn't as exciting as some of the other books as well as sometimes a bit confusing.

14 up.

Romance:Luke and Mara kissing.
Han and Leia kissing.
Luke and Mara hugging and touching in the force.
At one point they end hugging while kissing.

Language:Sithspawn and possibly Stang
(I don't think that is a cuss word)
and maybe one other made up word.

Violence:The disappearing apprentice was murdered and the Yuuzhan Vong were sacrificing people to their gods.
Couple air fights.Lightsaber duels too.

Other:All of the Force stuff and the Yuuzhan Vong worshiping their gods.

I hope you liked the review don't forget that I'll be doing at least 3  more this week!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another Giveaway!

Prism is having another Giveaway!
This time it is Me, Just Different by Stephanie Morrill.
You can read her interview with Prism here
That also has the giveaway stuff in it)

You can read Emii's interview with her here
And you can read my interview with her here
While I am on the subject thanks to everyone
who has read it it has had over 200 page views!
There are 3 ways to enter

~post about and leave a comment with the address

~comment saying you want to enter


The Giveaway ends on the 25th and Prism will
announce the winner on the 26th.
So go over and check it out!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm Back With 3 Reviews!

Yes I am finally posting again!
I was looking at my stats and it said that my
interview with Stephanie Morrill had 109 views!
That is amazing!
So any way here are 3 books I've read recently(past couple days)

My Fair Godmother
Janette Rallison

It tells of a only "Fair" godmother.
(the story really isn't on the godmother though)
She has to help Savannah who has just got dumped by her boyfriend.She gets 3 wishes. Her first 2 land her, in her view upside down and just plain wrong fairy tales.
When she finally wishes for a princely guy to take her to the prom
a friend(Tristan) her sister(who the boyfriend dumped her for because she was more his "studious" type) and her ex have tried to pair her up with.
She goes back to the middle ages to help him get out.Her sister and ex eventually end up there as well for the finally battles.
There is a black night that no one knows were he came from or who he is.In order to become a prince Tristan has to fight Ogre,Dragon and eventually this black night.Savannah tries to help with the help of a wizard but there is some treachery and a switching spell that twists up the happily ever after.

There wasn't any cussing that I can remember,
probably an OMG though.

They battled an ogre and there were several sword fights but I didn't think that they were really gory.There was a couple threats to cut someones hands of and them talking about the one of the Princes hanging people but other than that.

O.K. it is a fairy tale and there were quite a few kisses.
And at one point Savannah and Tristan are alone in a room by them selves and they might have been in the dark.
They also were at a campsite and were you know sleeping on opposite sides of the fire or something but just wanted to throw that in.

All the magic and Wizard stuff.

My rating:
5 stars.
I loved this book!
It was really well written and I fell in love with it.
13 up.

Lisi Harrison

Alpha Academy Shira's school for Alphas to take them to the top.
Skye, Charlie,Allie and 97 other girls have gotten into Alpha Academy and now most fight to be top alpha.
Her mother quite so she could go.She broke up with her boyfriend,Darwin,Shira's son to go.Now she has  to face Allie taking her ex( even it is unfair since Shira made her break up with him so she could go).Shira seems not to see her talent in electronics,she even designed half the school!She knows all about Shira and her sons having grown up with them since her mother was Shira's right hand lady.
Now she is in and the rules have changed.Can she survive heartbreak and Shira bossing her around as her "spy"?Will her true self shine out?

Having been top alpha,dancer and dater back at home she feels confident when she leaves but once she meets everyone else her aspects change.She is struggling to remain on top.
She no longer has the same rules and is trying to find her place.

After getting Allie J.'s, a famous singer who is into going green, mail forever!
It finally pays off.After a breakup with her boyfriend an invitation for Alpha Academy she changes her hair, eyes and whatever else to turn herself into Allie J. She gets involved with Darwin and is a bit at odds with Charlie because of it.

3 different girls, and only one will win.


The girls mildly arguing.

It says that Allie kissed Darwin but it never went into it.
Allie+Darwin/Charlie+Darwin stuff.
And all the girls crazy about the only 5 boys on the island.
Skye kisses one on the cheek.

Identity theft?lol.

It was O.K.
I'd say in my view 2 1/2.
To me it was a little depressing and
too much "top alphaness" for my taste.
I will not be reading it again.
I enjoy her other series The Clique much more than this.
I would not really advise you to read
because I didn't get much out of it.
14 up.

11 Birthdays
Wendy Mass

Amanda and Leo were born on the same day and
have been having there birthdays together for 10 years.
The past year to impress his friends Leo said
he didn't want to have his birthdays with Amanda.
She over heard and this year it just didn't happen.
Things go wrong after a miserable party and her mom losing her job.When Amanda wakes up to the same day she goes through her day in shock(on zombie mode)!The next day she pretends to be sick and stays home when she goes to school the next day she realizes when Leo doesn't follow the repeating that he is in with her!Together they most find out how to stop and renew their friendship.


Other than their parents getting mad at them none.
And arguments.

Amanda's older sister is trying to get a boy to
take her to a dance and then ends up taking a different one.

Other:The magic and a weird lady that is kinda fairyish.

I loved it and it was very real!
It just drew you in so much.
After I finished I gave it to my
mom and she loved it too!
It was a unique book.
5 out of 5 stars.
11 up.

has a new blog about Journaling!
So go check it out HERE