Saturday, October 30, 2010

How My Private Personal Jouranl Became A Bestseller

How My Private Personal Journal Became A bestseller by Julia Devillers.
Jamie is a normal kid getting put down by popular and "perfect"girls at school.The typical average kid who wants to be pretty and like a star.
One night she expresses her feelings into her diary on the computer by accident her friend prints it out instead of her homework.Her teacher loves gives it to a friends who through more people get it published and on the charts!This is very shocking to Jamie but now with Isabella, who transforms into IS the superhero who can destroy evil with a flick(hand flick), she can finally be popular,get noticed by her crush and help other girls like her!But soon everyone is bearing down on her the evil popular girls are mad and Jamie is getting pressured to write another book and she just can't seem to get it right!There is also a girl that could be in trouble Jamie never asked for all this responsibility can she figure it all out.

I thought that it was an O.K. book...although her Trading Faces books more.This story went into how much the "imperfect" and unpopular girls are treated.It was a great feeling to see them standing up for themselves in this book.
I would give it 4 out of 5.

Romance:Jamie's sister has a boyfriend.The guy she is crushing on takes her out because the evil bad popular girl wants to make her look bad by making him break up with her and he kisses her when the date ends.(note I do not approve of this at all!Date and kiss both.)Then she finds a better guy at the end of the book I don't think they kiss but they might have held hands and she says she was happy about it being a small car as they ride home.Then the girl that needed help almost ran of to see someone she had met on the internet because she had a bad homelife.

Violence:Mean girls talking about normal girls.

Language:OMG,maybe cr**, name calling and putting people down.

Other:Her sister is a hacker and pulled a prank by switching her password.
14 up.

Hope ou enjoyed this.
Due to that I have run out of time I will not be doing another review as I thought I would be until tomorrow.Sorry


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  1. Thanks for reviewing this! It seems like a really interesting book!


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