Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm Back With 3 Reviews!

Yes I am finally posting again!
I was looking at my stats and it said that my
interview with Stephanie Morrill had 109 views!
That is amazing!
So any way here are 3 books I've read recently(past couple days)

My Fair Godmother
Janette Rallison

It tells of a only "Fair" godmother.
(the story really isn't on the godmother though)
She has to help Savannah who has just got dumped by her boyfriend.She gets 3 wishes. Her first 2 land her, in her view upside down and just plain wrong fairy tales.
When she finally wishes for a princely guy to take her to the prom
a friend(Tristan) her sister(who the boyfriend dumped her for because she was more his "studious" type) and her ex have tried to pair her up with.
She goes back to the middle ages to help him get out.Her sister and ex eventually end up there as well for the finally battles.
There is a black night that no one knows were he came from or who he is.In order to become a prince Tristan has to fight Ogre,Dragon and eventually this black night.Savannah tries to help with the help of a wizard but there is some treachery and a switching spell that twists up the happily ever after.

There wasn't any cussing that I can remember,
probably an OMG though.

They battled an ogre and there were several sword fights but I didn't think that they were really gory.There was a couple threats to cut someones hands of and them talking about the one of the Princes hanging people but other than that.

O.K. it is a fairy tale and there were quite a few kisses.
And at one point Savannah and Tristan are alone in a room by them selves and they might have been in the dark.
They also were at a campsite and were you know sleeping on opposite sides of the fire or something but just wanted to throw that in.

All the magic and Wizard stuff.

My rating:
5 stars.
I loved this book!
It was really well written and I fell in love with it.
13 up.

Lisi Harrison

Alpha Academy Shira's school for Alphas to take them to the top.
Skye, Charlie,Allie and 97 other girls have gotten into Alpha Academy and now most fight to be top alpha.
Her mother quite so she could go.She broke up with her boyfriend,Darwin,Shira's son to go.Now she has  to face Allie taking her ex( even it is unfair since Shira made her break up with him so she could go).Shira seems not to see her talent in electronics,she even designed half the school!She knows all about Shira and her sons having grown up with them since her mother was Shira's right hand lady.
Now she is in and the rules have changed.Can she survive heartbreak and Shira bossing her around as her "spy"?Will her true self shine out?

Having been top alpha,dancer and dater back at home she feels confident when she leaves but once she meets everyone else her aspects change.She is struggling to remain on top.
She no longer has the same rules and is trying to find her place.

After getting Allie J.'s, a famous singer who is into going green, mail forever!
It finally pays off.After a breakup with her boyfriend an invitation for Alpha Academy she changes her hair, eyes and whatever else to turn herself into Allie J. She gets involved with Darwin and is a bit at odds with Charlie because of it.

3 different girls, and only one will win.


The girls mildly arguing.

It says that Allie kissed Darwin but it never went into it.
Allie+Darwin/Charlie+Darwin stuff.
And all the girls crazy about the only 5 boys on the island.
Skye kisses one on the cheek.

Identity theft?lol.

It was O.K.
I'd say in my view 2 1/2.
To me it was a little depressing and
too much "top alphaness" for my taste.
I will not be reading it again.
I enjoy her other series The Clique much more than this.
I would not really advise you to read
because I didn't get much out of it.
14 up.

11 Birthdays
Wendy Mass

Amanda and Leo were born on the same day and
have been having there birthdays together for 10 years.
The past year to impress his friends Leo said
he didn't want to have his birthdays with Amanda.
She over heard and this year it just didn't happen.
Things go wrong after a miserable party and her mom losing her job.When Amanda wakes up to the same day she goes through her day in shock(on zombie mode)!The next day she pretends to be sick and stays home when she goes to school the next day she realizes when Leo doesn't follow the repeating that he is in with her!Together they most find out how to stop and renew their friendship.


Other than their parents getting mad at them none.
And arguments.

Amanda's older sister is trying to get a boy to
take her to a dance and then ends up taking a different one.

Other:The magic and a weird lady that is kinda fairyish.

I loved it and it was very real!
It just drew you in so much.
After I finished I gave it to my
mom and she loved it too!
It was a unique book.
5 out of 5 stars.
11 up.

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  1. I've heard of that first one before!:) I'll admit I thought it sounded cheesy, but I might just have to check it out.:D

  2. Thanks for the shout out!!! :)

    I love your book reviews; I read the Wendy Mast one, but it ended up frustrating me to no end! It was very confusing.:P

  3. Hey, nice reviews!!

    Funny to mention The Clique, I found that series at my library, but was a little wary when I read the synopsis. What's it like??

    Rach :)


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