Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Talent Thief

The Talent Thief by Alex Williams

Adam goes with his sister,Cressida,  to a Talent Festival where everyone who has a talent can show it off.Adam has no talent and is unwelcomed and shunned by most everyone.
He has a room on top of the hotel in a shed.He sees a creature and follows it to a room of trophies the creature tries to take something from him but is disappointed.
Later after 3 performances during which the talents disappear and the people left talentless.After everyone's talent has been taken by Fortescue and the Creature. Adam, his sister and Amy ,a retired race car driver due to a loss of talent, search for their talents.The team up along the way with someone who was used by Fortescue to capture the Creature with his hunting skills, then loosing them.They have to stop Fortescue before he takes everyone's talents and finds a way to take them all for himself!

10 up

I thought that it took a while for me to get into it but it really started going towards the end.You could kind of guess part of the ending
(which is a good balance for me)and there were some mysteries to that they had to figure out as the were searching for Fortescue.

Between a piano player and Adam's sister there was a touch but not much.And with Amy and the Tracker there was a bit more.Like "He liked her spark for adventure" typish.


Violence:It wasn't violent but it might be a little scary be cause of how the Creature gets your talent and then near the end they have to get inside the evil bad guys lair.

Other:The Creature is some kind of dinosaur type thing.It out survived it's other Creatures that were trapped with it in this crater it was trapped in.The whole Talent grabbing thing.He pulled it out of their heads like he had telekinesis.

4 out of 5 stars.
I thought it was good but once was enough for me and the story could have been a bit better.


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