Monday, November 15, 2010

Battle Of The Labyrinth

Percy Jackson And The Olympians:Battle Of The Labyrinth by Rick Riordan

Quick Summery:Percy and his friends learn that Luke and his forces might be using Daedalus's Labyrinth to attack the camp.They journey into the labyrinth ending up becoming friends with Nico again,visiting Hephaestus at his forge and then Percy gets injured making an explosion that weekend the bonds holding Typhoon and ends up on Calypso's island  He gets back in time to stop his funeral and find his friend he met from running away from the skeleton warriors when Atlas was after him, Rachel who can see through the mist and navigate the Labyrinth.He fights a Giant saves a renegade half blood who ends up being the last part of Kronos's uprising.Then his monsters attack the camp.

Romance:Rachel and Annabeth are kind of fighting because of Percy and he is caught between them.His mom is seeing a guy, he asks Percy if he can marry his mom.Clarisse(Ares) likes a guy.

Language:None that I can think of.

Violence:Fighting monsters,Giant,demon and people.There is also a part were it is like a gladiator arena. A bunch of people die.

Other:the gods, magic etc.

13 up.
5 out of 5 stars.
I like how in this one they had a bit more mythical stuff with Daedalus and all.The maze was quite interesting.


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