Saturday, November 20, 2010

Just Ella

Just Ella by Margaret Peterson Haddix

*Note*This is not the cover I read it in and the other cover is a lot prettier!
Quick Summery:Ella is a Cinderella gone wrong.Her Prince isn't so Charming as he was at first and there is a rumor that she used magic to get to the ball!She has to battle with the "etiquette" of the castle.If she's cold what is wrong with making a fire if the servant hasn't come?Apparently everything.There is one calm spot her new teacher,
he's her age and seems to understand her.He has a passion for was victims that have been robbed of their homes.She must find a way to fight through all this madness around her.She never imagined it like this in a castle.

Romance:Jed(teacher) and Ella,at one point when their chaperon is dismissed she tries to tell the Prince she doesn't love him and wants to break the engagement he makes a couple grabs for her and locks her in a closet.They lock her up in the jail with a jailer with a reputation for raping women. Some talk of marriage.

Language:I can't remember anything, but I read this a while ago so I am not sure.

Violence:Talking about the war but nothing gruesome.

Other:Nothing that I can think.

14 up.

3 out of 5 stars.

I liked it as a fairy tale very well great retelling!
But there were those spots...

Sorry if I have been absent.


  1. cool review! i assume this is a modern day read?

  2. It isn't really modern, it is set in a different world than ours.Medieval I'd say.Next time I'll remember to put what period it is in.Sierra

  3. Sierra, can you look at my blog and vote on my blog?
    thanks a ton!


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