Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Sea Of Monsters

Percy Jackson And The Olympians:The Sea Of Monsters by Rick Riordan

Quick Summery:Grover the Satyr is off on an adventure to find the lost god of the wild Pan.He is in danger and calls to Percy for help.Percy,Annabeth and his new friend, who also is a son of Poseidon, Tyson set off to rescue him without the exact consent of the camp.They get into a fight with Luke, the guy who betrayed them by being a spy and helping Kronos arise.They have to go through many things to get to Grover.The camp is dieing because someone has poisoned the tree that used to be Zeus's daughter.The must get the golden Fleece as well as Grover. 

The inkling that Percy might like Annabeth and the fact that Annabeth kinda has a crush on Luke.

Language:None that I can think.

Violence:They fight a Cyclops,Luke,monsters one Luke's ship.

Other:Magic.The gods.

This is set in modern times and very nicely done into ancient as well.
And what I mean by that is he brought all the gods and monsters very well into the modern world.It is a very exciting book!
5 out of 5 stars.
13 up.


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