Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Little Different...

This post is going to be a little different you remember how I did 3 in one?
Well i am kinda gonna do that.
I am going to have picture,slight description and any bad content.
Example: if they they kissed I would put it in, but not if they just implied that they liked each other.

Cat Royal #2:Cat Among The Pigeons by Julia Golding
This book has a really good plot, it is very exciting.It's set when King George was on the throne, early 1800s. In this book one of Cat's friend's old master tries to claim him so it has a good bit on abolitionists, Quakers and the laws about it in England at that time.
One of my favorite thing in this book is she is wanted by the law (because she bit the old master when he was pretending to sell her) is when she escapes and hides in a boarding school for boys.She has to pretended to be a boy and it shows how little freedom the girls had.
The only bad thing would be the violence.There are street gangs and at one point her friend gets kidnapped, she gets into a lot of trouble.13 up.

The Ruins Of Gorlan by John Flanagan

This book is about how an orphan,Will, trains to be a Ranger under Halt who is a bit stiff.
It starts off a little slow, but it is a really good read!The writing is wonderful and the story is exciting,you fall in love with the characters before you know it. There are quite a bit of fights, fist, bow and sword.
Will gets kissed.Medieval time period. I enjoyed it so i would say that it is good for boys or girls. 13 up.

The Burning Bridge by John Flanagan.

Will and his friends are preparing for Morgarath to attack.They discover his plan and try to stop him.This was just as good and a bit more exciting than the first.There are quite a few fights more than in the last book.13 up.

The Ice Bound Land by John Flanagan

Will and the King's daughter have been captured by the Skandians (vikings) Halt and their friend Horace are trying to rescue them while they also try to escape Skandia.I started it and couldn't put it down!
It's very exciting and exotic/foreign.Will has to work in the slave yard and some bullies get him on a drug.13 up.

I hope you enjoyed this!
Till next time!


  1. My brother absolutely loves the Ranger's Apprentice Series. ;)

  2. cool! my friend Bree read those series

    the first one looks awsome!


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