Sunday, July 25, 2010

Premiere.And A Bit Of Catwalk.

Better cover than her others right?

So Prism interview this book by Melody Carlson
and said that it was better than
The Carter House Girls, which was true!
It is a lot better than The Carter House Girls.
She had said that it had a drinking scene which
the main character, Erin, didn't approve of.Also true.
But what was also in it was the reality TV stuff a little
BF cheating, an old BF comes back and wants to go out again.
It was reall, a good book and it also, I think, brought up some of the Christian values more than in her other books.
There is also some word fighting among 2 girls.
Quick summery:
Erin and her sister, Paige, are hired to do a Fashion TV show.
They guest star on reality TV show, Malibu Beach, as publicity.
Paige starts going out with Mia's,one of stars on Malibu Beach,boyfriend because he said that their romance was all for the show.
Erin doesn't approve.She also is having problems with her best friend  who isn't really talking to her and is jealous because she loves fashion and Erin doesn't.Just as all of this happens,TV shows, Fashion, Having to look after her sister to make sure she doesn't get into trouble and now her old boyfriend, who broke her heart, is back and wants to go out again.She is the only Christian in her family and is plain next to her sister can she make it through mean girls,TV,Boyfriends and Worldly problems?
Romance:Talking about going out and maybe a kiss on the cheek.
Violence:Mia slaps her"boyfriend"and then the word
cat fights between Mai and Paige.
This cover is even better!
And some mean words from Paige about someones dress.
Other:Minor drinking scene.
In the second book Erin's best friend is pregnant
and there is a drunk driving accident which results in the death Mia.
They are in NYC for Fashion week and catch up with some of The Carter House Girls.
Which I thought was an interesting way to tie in the series.
There is a part at a party where there is alcohol for a drink.
She again disapproves though she doesn't say anything.
Her old BF,Blake, talks to Benjamin, the guy who had the car crash, about God and he is open to it.Blake doesn't really seem bad and doesn't push her.
I'd say both of these are for 13 1/2 and up.
3 1/2 stars they were O.K.They could have done
without some stuff and they were a bit depressing.
There were some fashion names,but I already knew
half of them and  there were only about a dozen.
Like I said they were better than The Carter House Girls,but they still had some issues.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A little Blog On The Prairie Review

I read this book and it looked good.
Half of it was good.
Maybe 65%.
Genevieve's (A.K.A. Gen) family
is taking a vacation to a reenactment of the pioneers.
As any city-slicker girl would be she is upset.
She has to give up all 21st century stuff,but she sneaks in her new cell phone.
She texts her friends about stuff going on.
Chickens,cows,corn and more!
Her friends turn her texts into blog posts and her
blog is really hitting off,but she doesn't know that.
She endures so much!
A semi-mean girl who seems to have gotten Gen's crush,
outhouses,not-so-great food(and the same thing at that),
Washing clothes,the clothes for that matter,
and getting bad"grades"at the weekly picnic.
(The owners give the families grades depending on how they did that week)
Then Gen finds out that the owners aren't exactly playing fair.
Tragedy strikes when she loses her cell phone and accidents happen.
Will she stay and complete with her family the 6 weeks?
(Not sure if it was 6 weeks though)
Romance:Talking about her crush on Caleb,
saying that his rolled up shirt sleeves
(not much, just around the wrist)
where sexy,a couple kisses and saying he was cute.
A couple problems with her parents if
you count that in this section.
Language:OMG,maybe one other.
Violence:A fire and the girls word exchanges.
Talk of bears.
Other:Nothing that I can think of.
I'd give it maybe a 3?
It was O.K. most of the time there was a good
deal of stuff I didn't agree with,but the pioneer stuff was cool.
I thought that the way they brought out the how horrible
and harsh it was there and soooo old.I disagree!
I have friends that have chickens,
my Papa's neighbors have cows and the cooking seemed a bit far out.
I mean it was talking like the mother couldn't
cook anything and I'm like come on!!!!!!!
I don't think that it would be that hard to cook
some veggies and bread,would it?
I'd probably say...
12 1/2 to 13 up.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Wide-Awake Princess

The Wide-Awake Princess
by E.D. Baker
( The Frog Princess stories)
Annie (A.K.A. Anabelle)
is sister to the princess who had the evil
"Your going to die when you turn 16" spell
(A.K.A. Sleeping Beauty) which got turned
into sleeping for a 100 years.
So to protect her from magic her parents took
her to her Godmother (I think) and ask her to help
she puts a spell on her so that no
magic good or bad can effect her.
Thus,she is shunned by her family who all have
magic gifts to make them stay handsome or beautiful.
However on her sisters, Gwendolyn, 16th birthday
she foils one plan but can't stop when her sister opens
up a present to find a spindle she pricks her
finger and everyone falls asleep.
Since magic cannot touch/hurt Annie she gets orders
from her mother to find the guy Gwendolyn was going
to marry to come wake everybody up
(she can bring them out of sleep briefly when she touches them).
So she embarks on a mission to go get him.
Here E.D. Baker starts twisting in other fairy tales
(quite ingenious actually and intriguing)
It starts off when she finds a old house made out of candy materials.
There is an old forgetful woman there who has taken in 2 kids,
( Hansel And Gretel)
who happen to have been kidnapped when
they were younger and then escaped,
got lost and where taken in again.
Annie soon discovers that the woman puts
the children in cages at night and helps them escape.
Then she is separated from them and runs into
an enchanted prince (turned into a bear) while
she's talking to him a guard form her
castle who was sent away on an errand finds
her the bear/prince is asked to look out for the
children and Annie will be assisted by Liam to
find Digby,the man Gwendolyn was going to marry.
They find him send him on ahead to the castle
and Annie enters a contest to marry prince Andreas
( Gail Carson Levine's The Princess test...1/2 of it anyway )
she wins and asks him to join the quest then they meet
up with prince Clarence who says he thinks
they could enlist his brother who is missing
2 kids (wink wink) in their search
(because Annie is not really sure if Digby or
the other prince is Gwendolyn's true love).
They "rescue" Clarence's princess
(which turns out to be a Beauty and the Beast retelling)
and Annie's magic stopping comes in handy in several tight spots =)
I just realized that I should probably stop before I give
away the ending (which is happy).
So now...
Couple of kisses
(how else are you going to wake up Sleeping Beauty?)
and some thinking that someone (Liam) is cute.
Talk of getting married.
The usual fighting in a fairy tale,but defiantly not much.
In the test for marrying Andreas a couple girls are
kind of being mean to Annie.
Digby is drunk when they find him.
The fairy magic.
I can't remember if there is a witch,but I am pretty sure not.
I believe they were all fairies.
I'd rate it:
6 out of 5 stars
(I realize I went over last time I'll keep it under 7 now
I just need something to say it was an awesome book!).
Next up:
The sequel
(possibly,not sure if you'd call it that
but it would seem that is what it is)
to The Princess of the Midnight Ball,
The Princess of Glass by Jessica Day George.
It is a retelling of Cinderella and the first book
(6 out of 5) is a retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses.
Sorry this took so long =(

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Coming Soon!The Wide-Awake Princess

So The Wide-Awake Princess...
yes it's coming soon and it is written by E.D.Baker.
Can't wait!