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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Erak's Ransom

Erak's Ransom by John Flanagan

Summery:Erak, Oberjarl of Skandia, has gotten restless and gone off raiding.And gotten himself captured in Arridi(I'm not sure if that is the correct spelling).His ship goes to get the ransom... in Araluen.
Will,Halt,Horace and Princess Cassandra go to deliever it.Only to find that Erak has been kidnapped again by a group of raiders.They together with a new Arridi ally go after him.Will has gone to find Tug who was lost in a sandstorm.He nearly dies, but is rescued by a group of peaceful desert dwellers.He soon finds that the others have been captured by the raiders who kidnapped Erak and must go and save them with his new friends.

Roamnce:Allyss is worried when he goes off on the journey with Cassandra.Halt and Lady Pauline get married.Cassandra and Will are a little awkward around each other.

Violence:A lot of people get killed, people are left without water in the desert and fighting.

Language:There may have been a D word.I can't remember, but I think it was clean.

Other:There was some talk about the raiders being forgotten by the gods.

Time Period:Medieval.

What I Thought:I love all these books because of their great plot, characters and the fact that they mostly have happy endings.

Rating & Age: 4 stars. 13 up.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Leven Thumps And The Gateway To Foo

Leven Thumps And The Gateway To Foo by Obert Skye

Summery:Leven has had a bad life.His parents died when he was born and he got stuck with his Mom's half sister and her husband.Who just happen not to be extremely great parents.Then a creature named Clover appears and tells him that he has a mission.He doesn't tell him until later, but it's a mission  to find a person named Geth.Meanwhile Winter has escaped from her horrible and lazy mother with her new found power to freeze things.She finds Leven and together they search and find Geth.But can they stop Sabine?He wants to come from Foo through a gateway and rule Foo and Reality(Foo is where all dreams come from).Can they seal the gateway?

Romance:They were told a story of his grandfather getting into Foo right before he was going to propose and then getting back and finding that she was married.Then he married someone in Foo.

Violence:Sabine's shadows attack them and in Leven's dreams.Geth is a toothpick and gets banged up while making himself eyes,an arm,an ear, a mouth, legs and another arm later.At the beginning The shadows are attacking a town.



Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:It took a couple chapters to get started, but then I got drawn in.It is a really good book.It also shows how the hero isn't always heroic.

Rating & Age:4 stars. 11 up.


Saturday, January 15, 2011


Darkwood by M.E.Breen

Summery:Annie has lost her parents,sister and now here "uncle"is going to sell her to work in a mine!She escapes,but is caught by the miners.
She escapes again with her new found power to see in the dark her luck finally turns when she discovers what the mine boss is doing.She starts a long journey to tell the king about their plans.She must figure out the mess she has gotten herself into.

Romance:Her sister is going to marry the King.There are hints of maybe something with Annie's friend Gregor.

Violence:Child slavery and slavery.Wolves eating dead rabbits.A battle.
Stabbing a wolf in the leg.


Time Period:It was set in another world or in  the future of ours.

What I Thought:It was confusing for me at the beginning and moved fast, but then I really got into it and it was very exciting.I really liked the ending even though there are untied ends and it's still a bit confusing.

Rating & Age:3 stars. 12 up.


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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tournaments, Cocoa and One Wrong Move

Tournaments, Cocoa and One Wrong Move by Nancy Rue

Summery:Cassidy is the star of her basketball team and popular.When she falls and hurts her leg.Her soon to be sister in law gives her some meds to help the swelling to go down so the doctors can operate and she can soon get back on the court.Turns out to be steroids.She loses her place on the basketball team,gets sent to "loser"hall and gets out of sorts with her father.Through it all she changes loser hall, becomes friends with her mom,gets to know God through a strange little book called RL and finally stands apart from her dad.But can she play basketball again?

Romance:There is a boy in Loser Hall,Rafe, and they kiss and hint to start dating.He is dating another girl when she meets him and the other girl is angry at her because she thinks that Cassidy is trying to steal Rafe.

Violence:Rafe's father abused him.Some of the kids in loser hall are picking on another girl.A mean girl on the basketball team trips another girl.

Language:I think that there is something, but I can't remember.

Other:Her dad is over obsessing with like basketball.Reliving himself in her life you know?The steroids.

Time Period:Now.

What I Thought:It might have just been me(I was sick)but the whole first half was kind of depressing.
I didn't like it as much as the other 2.
The ending was good and her change was great too.
She changed a lot!At the beginning she was kinda not nice but at the end she changed.

Rating & Age: 3 stars. 14 up.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Rangers Apprentice #5:The Sorcerer Of The North

Rangers Apprentice #5:The Sorcerer Of The North by John Flanagan

Summery:Will is officially a ranger.He is being sent on his first mission...kind of alone.He has some help.His old friend Alyss.They are sent far North to sort through a mess of a ill lord,a favored cousin, a ill liked heir and rumors of sorcery.Oh yeah and a lot of mystery too.

Romance:Alyss saying a girl was Will's girlfriend,Will thinking about kissing her in the past and a kiss.

Language:I can't remember any, but there might have been d**n.

Violence:Poisoning and shooting someone(minor) and talking later about the blood.A dog is found almost dead by the road due to an abusive master.

Other:Will gives a man(bad guy)to the Skandians to be a slave.The "sorcery" really just rumors and tricks.The bad guy has a stone that kind of mesmerizes Alyss into talking.

Time Period:Medieval, another world.

What I Thought:I love this series, as I have said before, they're really great for plot,excitement and tad of romance.The only thing that is really horrible is that it's a cliffhanger :(

Rating & Age:5 stars.13 and up.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rangers Apprentice #4: Battle For Skandia

Rangers Apprentice #4: Battle For Skandia by John Flanagan

Evanlyn has been captured and as he tracks her Will meets up with Halt and Horace.They rescue her from the Temujai and go to warn the Skandians about the invaders(Temujai).They help the Skandians slow down and prepare for the Temujai and uncover a betrayal.Will the succeed in stopping the Temujai before they reach their country?

Romance:Horace and Evanlyn are hinted
to have like each other and Will gets a little jealous.


Violence:Fighting but nothing detailed or gruesome.

Other:Talking about how Halt got banished for saying bad things about the King while drunk.

Time Period:Medieval, another world.

What I Thought:I love this series!It is very exciting and I love the characters.I would totally recommend it.It is great(i think) for guys and girls.

Rating & Age:5 out of 5 stars. 13 up.

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