Saturday, January 15, 2011


Darkwood by M.E.Breen

Summery:Annie has lost her parents,sister and now here "uncle"is going to sell her to work in a mine!She escapes,but is caught by the miners.
She escapes again with her new found power to see in the dark her luck finally turns when she discovers what the mine boss is doing.She starts a long journey to tell the king about their plans.She must figure out the mess she has gotten herself into.

Romance:Her sister is going to marry the King.There are hints of maybe something with Annie's friend Gregor.

Violence:Child slavery and slavery.Wolves eating dead rabbits.A battle.
Stabbing a wolf in the leg.


Time Period:It was set in another world or in  the future of ours.

What I Thought:It was confusing for me at the beginning and moved fast, but then I really got into it and it was very exciting.I really liked the ending even though there are untied ends and it's still a bit confusing.

Rating & Age:3 stars. 12 up.


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  1. Interesting sounding book! I will have to put it on my to read list.


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