Monday, January 10, 2011

Rangers Apprentice #5:The Sorcerer Of The North

Rangers Apprentice #5:The Sorcerer Of The North by John Flanagan

Summery:Will is officially a ranger.He is being sent on his first mission...kind of alone.He has some help.His old friend Alyss.They are sent far North to sort through a mess of a ill lord,a favored cousin, a ill liked heir and rumors of sorcery.Oh yeah and a lot of mystery too.

Romance:Alyss saying a girl was Will's girlfriend,Will thinking about kissing her in the past and a kiss.

Language:I can't remember any, but there might have been d**n.

Violence:Poisoning and shooting someone(minor) and talking later about the blood.A dog is found almost dead by the road due to an abusive master.

Other:Will gives a man(bad guy)to the Skandians to be a slave.The "sorcery" really just rumors and tricks.The bad guy has a stone that kind of mesmerizes Alyss into talking.

Time Period:Medieval, another world.

What I Thought:I love this series, as I have said before, they're really great for plot,excitement and tad of romance.The only thing that is really horrible is that it's a cliffhanger :(

Rating & Age:5 stars.13 and up.


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  1. I like your rating system on the sidebar! ;)

    I read this book a few months back. I am not a huge fan of Ranger's Apprentice (I don't like fantasy) but my brother LOVES them all! :D


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