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Sent by Margaret Peterson Haddix

read the first book's review HERE

Summary:Jonah and his sister Katherine go back in time with their friend Chip and new friend Alex.To try and keep them alive.They go back to England 1483. They learn some of the rules of time, but still have quite a time.There are tracers which show the original path of time. While experimenting with them they think that Chip and Alex are about to be thrown out a window.So they pull them out and slightly have a mess up. There was someone down on the ground trying to rescue them and trying to kill them.Very complicated huh? The Princes' uncle takes over the throne they must get it back and  make it look like they have died and make sure they don't.Very difficult. Can they fix time and save their friends?

Romance: Katherine tells Chip that she turned down a bunch of guys and wants him to be her boyfriend.It helps him separate from his tracer.They hold hands at the end.She also says he looks good as his tracer ages.

Violence:Talking about killing someone.Or trying to.A short battle scene.


Other:They pretend when the impostor king sees them in 21st century clothes they say the are angels.
And that he won't go to heaven because he tried to kill his nephews.

Time Period:1483, England.

What I Thought:I really liked the first one.It was more exciting than this one, but this one was more historical and also good.

Rating & Age: 3 stars. 13 up.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dear America:The Fences Between Us:The Diary Of Piper Davis

Dear America:The Fences Between Us
The Diary Of Piper Davis
Seattle, Washington 1941
by Kirby Larson

Summery:Piper's brother has gone off to the Navy.He gets caught up in World War 2 when Pearl Harbor gets hit.He is alive though, but he gets sent out on a ship The Enterprise to fight more.Meanwhile Piper and her family(father and older sister) are having their own problems.Pipers Dad is a preacher in a Japanese church when Pearl Harbor gets hit all the men get put in jail and their families shipped to camps.Piper is torn out of her normal life as she and her father move to where their friends are being held.

Romance:Piper's sister gets married.She is a boy at schools"girl" for a while.He turns out to not be that great.Her friend Betty's brother likes her, but they keep it as just friends.She suspects something between Betty and her brother.A friend that Piper's brother met in Hawaii writes to them telling about how he likes a girl in collage up to when he proposes.

Violence:Several people call them just to start yelling at them for being nice to Japanese.They're called jap lovers.Someone stands outside their house and buys it just to get at them because of the Japanese.

Language:None.It mentions that Piper's Dad curses and that some people curse them.

Other: Racism.

Time Period:1941-1943?

What I Thought:I really liked this one! I usually like these books a lot, but this one I really liked!It is up in the top 5 Dear Americas.It really drew you in with all of the sorrow and unfairness of how the Japanese were treated. It is written like a diary and that is one of the ways it is unique.I really like the characters too.Another thing that is good about these books is that sometimes some of the people were real!They also give a epilogue.

Rating & Age: 4 stars. 13 up.


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The Last Thing I Remember

The Last Thing I Remember by Andrew Klavan
The Homelanders book 1

Summery:Charlie West was a normal guy who did Karate and was a nice guy.He goes to sleep one night and wakes up strapped to chair.He overhears a conversation which leads to the order to kill him.
He barely escapes into the woods, down into a cave and up again to find help.Or so he thinks.He is taken home by a nice lady who even calls the police after he can't reach his parents.He looks at a paper to discover that it is over a year since when he last remembers!He is then captured by the police.Something else he forgot.He is a murderer who has escaped.So now the bad guys and the good guys want him.He has suspicions that the people that held him are going to assassinate someone.Only no one will believe him.What to do?

Romance:He likes a girl, Beth, and on the day he last remembered asked her out.He also forgot that they ere in love and going to get married.One of his friends, Alex, who he "murdered"used to go out with her and is a little mad.They also tell how Alex and Beth got together and then separated.

Violence:He almost got an acid shot in him that would have killed him.his captors were quite delighted with it.The bad guys and the good guys shoot at him.He fights several people.Alex shoves him becasue he is angry.


Other:There is a crazy lady that he befriends.He talks about a shop that sells alcohol to kids.

What I Thought:It was pretty exciting.He sometimes didn't seem like an 18 year old though.There were a couple slow parts.Amnesia always makes a good story.I definitely want to find out what is going on.

Rating & Age: 3 1/2 stars. 14 up.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Found by Margret Peterson Haddix

Read other reviews of her books here and here.

Summery:Jonah had been fine with being adopted.Until he and his new friend Chip start getting letters saying: You are one of the missing and Beware!They're Coming Back To Get You.They start trying to find out anything about their past.Jonah and his family go and visit an FBI agent whose info was with both Chip and Jonah's papers.He meets a strange Janitor who tells him to look at the folder on the FBI's desk.He distracts everyone while his sister takes pictures of the folder.It's lists of witnesses and survivors.They call some of the "survivors" who turn out to be kids like them who have been getting letters and are adopted.The meet with one of the"witnesses" and she tells them about a plane full of babies that appear out of nowhere.They are almost attacked and Jonah sees Their "witness"disappear.
It's one strange mystery.

Romance:Jonah and Chip talk about Chip maybe having a crush on Katherine.

Violence:Several people get tasered.They see scenes of some people getting killed.They talk about rescuing the babies that would have died.


Other:it was a little scary at the beginning.
A part where Jonah sees someone in his room form outside and stuff has been moved was pretty creepy.Unless you're going to read it all don't read it at night(guilty).

Time Period:Modern

What I Thought:It was really good.It had hardly any bad stuff in it.
It had a great plot and was super exciting.This was better than Just Ella and Palace Of Mirrors.

Rating & Age: 4 stars. 12 up.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Miracle Girls

 The Miracle Girls by Anne Dayton and May Vanderbilt

Summery:Ana has moved to Half Moon Bay involuntary.She has "communication" problems with her parents.She is in detention when she meets three other girls who have all escaped like her from some sort of experience where they should have died.She starts hanging out with one girl, Zoe and then another, Christine  all that is left is Riley.The cheerleader.She seems to  mildly hate Ana.Zoe is sure that she will join them, the miracle girls. Ana has a crush on Tyler, but his friend Dave has a crush on her.And her mom wants her to have a big Quince yet she doesn't.

Romance:Dave & Ana. Tyler & Ana. Christine & Tyler. Riley & her boyfriend. No kissing.

Violence:Riley falls off a cliff and gets hurt pretty bad.

Language:None that I can remember.

Other:Christine and Ana talk about Riley.....kinda bad....

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:I really liked this book (1.Because no one did drugs, got pregnant, no drinking! (2. It was a good Christian Book. (3.It was happy!  I already have the next 3 books waiting for me at the library.

Rating & Age: 5 stars. 12 up.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pendragon(Pt. 2)

The final five books in the Pendragon series by D.J. MacHale.

The turning point for Bobby's friend Loor's world(or territory) has come.The Batu, Loor's tribe, is running out of water.Thus they cannot give food to the Rakador.There is a lot of tension.What sets it off would be Saint Dane (in disguise of course) attacks Bobby.The Prince of the Batu feels sorry for him and takes him to the palace to be tended to.In the rain festival he comes to speak with Bobby and is assassinated.This starts talk of invading the underground lands of the Rakador.Bobby asks Loor and his friend Alder (from Denduron see HERE) to train him to defend himself. Soon they venture down to discover what is going on underground.

The Quilian Games

Bobby is in a strange and crazy place.After bringing Loor back to life he gets an invitation to this strange world where a company controls all and practically to the death games.He is Challenger Red who will have to decide which side is the right side and where the Traveler is.He sees a traveler die in the games, but is then told that he was from Ibara. The Traveler from Quilian convinces him to join her and the rebels.They have saved civilization away in a museum of sorts.But they need a hero sort of figure.The last Traveler, Remundi (I think that was it), was killed in the process.Bobby will try, but will it be enough?

Bobby has come to Ibara. He isn't quite sure what the problem will be.Everything seems fine.A tropical paradise with a simple way of living. He joins a gang, the Jakills, who are unhappy with their life.They feel that the tribunal (a group of village leaders) are withholding information and telling lies.They steal a ship and travel to an old city.Their leader is the new Traveler to Ibara.He is not very open to the idea.Bobby hopes to bring him around.Where Bobby finds out that he is in the future of Veelox. His friend Aja Killian had a plan that just might save Veelox.Can Bobby bring it out? As they tour the deserted city the learn that there are Dados (robot policemen from Quilian) on Veelox/Ibara.Before Bobby came to Ibara he visited Courtney and found out that Saint Dane had been on Second Earth for awhile.As Mark's friend.When Mark's parents die in a plan crash (caused by Saint Dane) he is taken into the past(First Earth) by Saint Dane to become the maker of the Dados.With the promise that his parents will live.Bobby took Courtney to First Earth to try to find and stop Mark.Now he hopes, as the dados move toward attack the last of Veelox, that if Courtney can stop mark that they will all go away.

Raven Rise

Bobby has quit.Now he learns it's a mistake.
Saint Dane has a new Traveler one second Earth that works for him.
Courtney and Mark aren't exactly happy about it.Their home is now strange to them.They try to stay low and figure out what is going on.Apparently this new Traveler has started making an elite group of people that are"chosen".Sort of like a religion.It is very sickening and bobby isn't to fond of him.They are only keeping the brilliant, talented, rich and not the poor, sick, ordinary or old.One group of people is against them.Bobby joins with them in hopes of finally beating Saint Dane.

Soldiers Of Halla

They've lost or have they? Bobby pushed the guy he hated out of a helicopter.Not Saint Dane, but the new Traveler on Second earth.It was his final test.And he failed.All seemed lost.Then he watched the flumes destroy themselves.And then he saw his family,Uncle Press and the rest of the Travelers.They had one last chance.All the people who opposed  the new "chosen" group were exiled into the flume.Now they must be found to fight the last battle against Saint Dane.

Romance: Courtney and Mark seem to grow together a little and at the end of book 10 Bobby and Courtney end up together(they lay in bad together and fell asleep that way. Which I thought was extremely unnecessary!).Bobby and Loor have a bit of "something" but nothing happens other than talk of wanting to kiss her once.

Violence:Some deaths.Bobby of course pushed the new Traveler form Second earth out of a helicopter out of rage.Several Travelers die or get hurt and are healed.

Language:d*m* and maybe another d word.Maybe s**k.

Other:The occult feel of the elite group.In book 10 they explain what the Travelers are and where they come from.they say it is a place called Solara where the spirits of men long as mankind lives so does Solara.Saint Dane was a corrupted spirit that gave himself a body and planed to remake Solara.He started manipulating people instead of comforting and suggesting things in their sleep.Kinda unrealistic huh?

Time Period:The future, modern times, other worlds.

What I Thought:The Rivers Of Zadaa was good then it started going down. It got pretty dark and though it ended O.K. I won't be reading the last four again.

Rating & Age:  For Zadaa, 4 stars. The others 1 and a half stars. 14 up.


Thursday, February 3, 2011


The Pendragon Series by D.J. MacHale.

The Merchant Of Death       

Bobby Pendragon is a normal kid, until on the night of a huge basketball game, right after he has found out that a girl likes him he is dragged of by his uncle Press to another world.Denduron.
His uncle tells him that he is a Traveler and he has to stop a bad guy named Saint Dane from creating chaos on the territories.Starting with Denduron.
He has met some other Travelers, Osa and her daughter Loor and Alder who comes from Denduron.


Sorry for the bad pic :(
The Lost City Of Faar.
Bobby and Press go to the watery world of Cloral.They meet the Traveler from there, Spader only he doesn't quite know yet.
Saint Dane kills Spader's father.Through this they find out Saint Dane's plan is to poison the food on Cloral with a fertilizer.There only hope is the lost city of Faar( like Atlantis).Can they find it in time?

The Never War                                                     
Bobby has witnessed the death of his uncle.
Now he pops up in First earth, 1937.He learns that it was Saint Dane who told gangsters to shoot into the Flume(The way you get from world to world), thus killing Press.Bobby is in the midst of a confusing mystery.what will be the turning point?He thinks that it's a blimp, The Hindenburg that isn't supposed to crash.Is he right and can he stop it?

The Reality Bug
Bobby goes to Veelox, following Saint Dane.He finds a traveler, Aja Killian, that is pretty sure of herself.She says that on this territory all the people are obsessed with Lifelight a virtual reality and thus, the real world is falling apart due to neglect.
But she has a plan, she has a virus, a reality bug that will make the people's nightmares come to life.She will infect it and all will be right
                                     or will it?

Black Water         

Bobby goes to Eelong where he finds that it is a whole different world.The humans are called gars and treated like animals with no intelligence. the "humans"are cats!Panther like Klees rule the world and now they are considering eating Gars! The Gars do have intelligence and are going to escape to a fabled safe haven, Black Water .Mark and Courtney, Bobby's acolytes and friends find out that Saint Dane is going to mix territories and bring the poison from Cloral and poison Black Water when all the Gars arrive. They use the Flume and bring the antidote to Eelong will they succeed in saving the Gars?      

This is what I've been reading guys.I hadn't done reviews of these so that last week when I was reading 6-10  I couldn't review them.The next 5 are up next!

Bad content:A kiss in 1 and 3.Some bad language.Some killing, someone losses their hand and Saint Dane delivers it to mark and Courtney(5).They maybe  dark  in some spots, but for the most part they are happy.

Time Period:Now.

What I Thought:They are great fantasy books!D.J. MacHale did a really good job with these.They are very exciting.

Rating & Age: 4 stars for this group.  14 up.  



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