Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dear America:The Fences Between Us:The Diary Of Piper Davis

Dear America:The Fences Between Us
The Diary Of Piper Davis
Seattle, Washington 1941
by Kirby Larson

Summery:Piper's brother has gone off to the Navy.He gets caught up in World War 2 when Pearl Harbor gets hit.He is alive though, but he gets sent out on a ship The Enterprise to fight more.Meanwhile Piper and her family(father and older sister) are having their own problems.Pipers Dad is a preacher in a Japanese church when Pearl Harbor gets hit all the men get put in jail and their families shipped to camps.Piper is torn out of her normal life as she and her father move to where their friends are being held.

Romance:Piper's sister gets married.She is a boy at schools"girl" for a while.He turns out to not be that great.Her friend Betty's brother likes her, but they keep it as just friends.She suspects something between Betty and her brother.A friend that Piper's brother met in Hawaii writes to them telling about how he likes a girl in collage up to when he proposes.

Violence:Several people call them just to start yelling at them for being nice to Japanese.They're called jap lovers.Someone stands outside their house and buys it just to get at them because of the Japanese.

Language:None.It mentions that Piper's Dad curses and that some people curse them.

Other: Racism.

Time Period:1941-1943?

What I Thought:I really liked this one! I usually like these books a lot, but this one I really liked!It is up in the top 5 Dear Americas.It really drew you in with all of the sorrow and unfairness of how the Japanese were treated. It is written like a diary and that is one of the ways it is unique.I really like the characters too.Another thing that is good about these books is that sometimes some of the people were real!They also give a epilogue.

Rating & Age: 4 stars. 13 up.



  1. this sounds like a good book!
    I somtimes wonder what the japenese think of us America when America deported them to camps in california...

  2. Rachael: Good question!I thought it was :)



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