Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Found by Margret Peterson Haddix

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Summery:Jonah had been fine with being adopted.Until he and his new friend Chip start getting letters saying: You are one of the missing and Beware!They're Coming Back To Get You.They start trying to find out anything about their past.Jonah and his family go and visit an FBI agent whose info was with both Chip and Jonah's papers.He meets a strange Janitor who tells him to look at the folder on the FBI's desk.He distracts everyone while his sister takes pictures of the folder.It's lists of witnesses and survivors.They call some of the "survivors" who turn out to be kids like them who have been getting letters and are adopted.The meet with one of the"witnesses" and she tells them about a plane full of babies that appear out of nowhere.They are almost attacked and Jonah sees Their "witness"disappear.
It's one strange mystery.

Romance:Jonah and Chip talk about Chip maybe having a crush on Katherine.

Violence:Several people get tasered.They see scenes of some people getting killed.They talk about rescuing the babies that would have died.


Other:it was a little scary at the beginning.
A part where Jonah sees someone in his room form outside and stuff has been moved was pretty creepy.Unless you're going to read it all don't read it at night(guilty).

Time Period:Modern

What I Thought:It was really good.It had hardly any bad stuff in it.
It had a great plot and was super exciting.This was better than Just Ella and Palace Of Mirrors.

Rating & Age: 4 stars. 12 up.



  1. My dad listened to this on audio since he has a long drive to work, and he really liked it. ;)


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