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The Pendragon Series by D.J. MacHale.

The Merchant Of Death       

Bobby Pendragon is a normal kid, until on the night of a huge basketball game, right after he has found out that a girl likes him he is dragged of by his uncle Press to another world.Denduron.
His uncle tells him that he is a Traveler and he has to stop a bad guy named Saint Dane from creating chaos on the territories.Starting with Denduron.
He has met some other Travelers, Osa and her daughter Loor and Alder who comes from Denduron.


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The Lost City Of Faar.
Bobby and Press go to the watery world of Cloral.They meet the Traveler from there, Spader only he doesn't quite know yet.
Saint Dane kills Spader's father.Through this they find out Saint Dane's plan is to poison the food on Cloral with a fertilizer.There only hope is the lost city of Faar( like Atlantis).Can they find it in time?

The Never War                                                     
Bobby has witnessed the death of his uncle.
Now he pops up in First earth, 1937.He learns that it was Saint Dane who told gangsters to shoot into the Flume(The way you get from world to world), thus killing Press.Bobby is in the midst of a confusing mystery.what will be the turning point?He thinks that it's a blimp, The Hindenburg that isn't supposed to crash.Is he right and can he stop it?

The Reality Bug
Bobby goes to Veelox, following Saint Dane.He finds a traveler, Aja Killian, that is pretty sure of herself.She says that on this territory all the people are obsessed with Lifelight a virtual reality and thus, the real world is falling apart due to neglect.
But she has a plan, she has a virus, a reality bug that will make the people's nightmares come to life.She will infect it and all will be right
                                     or will it?

Black Water         

Bobby goes to Eelong where he finds that it is a whole different world.The humans are called gars and treated like animals with no intelligence. the "humans"are cats!Panther like Klees rule the world and now they are considering eating Gars! The Gars do have intelligence and are going to escape to a fabled safe haven, Black Water .Mark and Courtney, Bobby's acolytes and friends find out that Saint Dane is going to mix territories and bring the poison from Cloral and poison Black Water when all the Gars arrive. They use the Flume and bring the antidote to Eelong will they succeed in saving the Gars?      

This is what I've been reading guys.I hadn't done reviews of these so that last week when I was reading 6-10  I couldn't review them.The next 5 are up next!

Bad content:A kiss in 1 and 3.Some bad language.Some killing, someone losses their hand and Saint Dane delivers it to mark and Courtney(5).They maybe  dark  in some spots, but for the most part they are happy.

Time Period:Now.

What I Thought:They are great fantasy books!D.J. MacHale did a really good job with these.They are very exciting.

Rating & Age: 4 stars for this group.  14 up.  


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