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Pendragon(Pt. 2)

The final five books in the Pendragon series by D.J. MacHale.

The turning point for Bobby's friend Loor's world(or territory) has come.The Batu, Loor's tribe, is running out of water.Thus they cannot give food to the Rakador.There is a lot of tension.What sets it off would be Saint Dane (in disguise of course) attacks Bobby.The Prince of the Batu feels sorry for him and takes him to the palace to be tended to.In the rain festival he comes to speak with Bobby and is assassinated.This starts talk of invading the underground lands of the Rakador.Bobby asks Loor and his friend Alder (from Denduron see HERE) to train him to defend himself. Soon they venture down to discover what is going on underground.

The Quilian Games

Bobby is in a strange and crazy place.After bringing Loor back to life he gets an invitation to this strange world where a company controls all and practically to the death games.He is Challenger Red who will have to decide which side is the right side and where the Traveler is.He sees a traveler die in the games, but is then told that he was from Ibara. The Traveler from Quilian convinces him to join her and the rebels.They have saved civilization away in a museum of sorts.But they need a hero sort of figure.The last Traveler, Remundi (I think that was it), was killed in the process.Bobby will try, but will it be enough?

Bobby has come to Ibara. He isn't quite sure what the problem will be.Everything seems fine.A tropical paradise with a simple way of living. He joins a gang, the Jakills, who are unhappy with their life.They feel that the tribunal (a group of village leaders) are withholding information and telling lies.They steal a ship and travel to an old city.Their leader is the new Traveler to Ibara.He is not very open to the idea.Bobby hopes to bring him around.Where Bobby finds out that he is in the future of Veelox. His friend Aja Killian had a plan that just might save Veelox.Can Bobby bring it out? As they tour the deserted city the learn that there are Dados (robot policemen from Quilian) on Veelox/Ibara.Before Bobby came to Ibara he visited Courtney and found out that Saint Dane had been on Second Earth for awhile.As Mark's friend.When Mark's parents die in a plan crash (caused by Saint Dane) he is taken into the past(First Earth) by Saint Dane to become the maker of the Dados.With the promise that his parents will live.Bobby took Courtney to First Earth to try to find and stop Mark.Now he hopes, as the dados move toward attack the last of Veelox, that if Courtney can stop mark that they will all go away.

Raven Rise

Bobby has quit.Now he learns it's a mistake.
Saint Dane has a new Traveler one second Earth that works for him.
Courtney and Mark aren't exactly happy about it.Their home is now strange to them.They try to stay low and figure out what is going on.Apparently this new Traveler has started making an elite group of people that are"chosen".Sort of like a religion.It is very sickening and bobby isn't to fond of him.They are only keeping the brilliant, talented, rich and not the poor, sick, ordinary or old.One group of people is against them.Bobby joins with them in hopes of finally beating Saint Dane.

Soldiers Of Halla

They've lost or have they? Bobby pushed the guy he hated out of a helicopter.Not Saint Dane, but the new Traveler on Second earth.It was his final test.And he failed.All seemed lost.Then he watched the flumes destroy themselves.And then he saw his family,Uncle Press and the rest of the Travelers.They had one last chance.All the people who opposed  the new "chosen" group were exiled into the flume.Now they must be found to fight the last battle against Saint Dane.

Romance: Courtney and Mark seem to grow together a little and at the end of book 10 Bobby and Courtney end up together(they lay in bad together and fell asleep that way. Which I thought was extremely unnecessary!).Bobby and Loor have a bit of "something" but nothing happens other than talk of wanting to kiss her once.

Violence:Some deaths.Bobby of course pushed the new Traveler form Second earth out of a helicopter out of rage.Several Travelers die or get hurt and are healed.

Language:d*m* and maybe another d word.Maybe s**k.

Other:The occult feel of the elite group.In book 10 they explain what the Travelers are and where they come from.they say it is a place called Solara where the spirits of men long as mankind lives so does Solara.Saint Dane was a corrupted spirit that gave himself a body and planed to remake Solara.He started manipulating people instead of comforting and suggesting things in their sleep.Kinda unrealistic huh?

Time Period:The future, modern times, other worlds.

What I Thought:The Rivers Of Zadaa was good then it started going down. It got pretty dark and though it ended O.K. I won't be reading the last four again.

Rating & Age:  For Zadaa, 4 stars. The others 1 and a half stars. 14 up.


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