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Summary:Jonah and his sister Katherine go back in time with their friend Chip and new friend Alex.To try and keep them alive.They go back to England 1483. They learn some of the rules of time, but still have quite a time.There are tracers which show the original path of time. While experimenting with them they think that Chip and Alex are about to be thrown out a window.So they pull them out and slightly have a mess up. There was someone down on the ground trying to rescue them and trying to kill them.Very complicated huh? The Princes' uncle takes over the throne they must get it back and  make it look like they have died and make sure they don't.Very difficult. Can they fix time and save their friends?

Romance: Katherine tells Chip that she turned down a bunch of guys and wants him to be her boyfriend.It helps him separate from his tracer.They hold hands at the end.She also says he looks good as his tracer ages.

Violence:Talking about killing someone.Or trying to.A short battle scene.


Other:They pretend when the impostor king sees them in 21st century clothes they say the are angels.
And that he won't go to heaven because he tried to kill his nephews.

Time Period:1483, England.

What I Thought:I really liked the first one.It was more exciting than this one, but this one was more historical and also good.

Rating & Age: 3 stars. 13 up.



  1. Questions:
    1. What do you think of the Twilight series? I've seen girls reading them before.
    2. Have you read all the Percy Jackson books? Me and my sister both really like them. I've read all but the last book, which I'm saving for something, or else I would've read it by now.

  2. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.I kept forgetting.So #1.I don't know if I would read them.My Mom doesn't want me to read them.If it was my choice I don't know.I might read the first one since I like fantasy.2.Yes I've read them and The Heroes Of Olympus book 1 and The Kane Trilogy book 1.I really like Rick Riordan's writing.Sierra


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