Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Conversation With God

A Conversation With God by Alton Gansky.

Book Is About:everyone has questions they want to ask God.In this book the author uses the bible to answer fifty-five questions using characters such as:God, Jesus, James, John The Baptist, John Brother of James, Moses, David, Peter, Abraham, Paul, Solomon, Andrew and others, to answer the questions.
He has sections of:God (5 chapters of about 3-4 pages), Bible (5), The Future (5),
Pain & Suffering (5), Jesus (8), The Kingdom Of God (4), Heaven & Hell (8), Humanity (5), Christian Living (5) and Today's World (5). I liked the chapters:God,The Future, Jesus, Heaven & Hell and a few other chapters from all around. It is a pretty easy read(easy to read) and you can skip around if you want to.

What I thought: it was definitely cool how it was like God talking and the other characters.I think the author did a good job.There wasn't anything I disagreed with and he wasn't just writing about his views.He used the Bible to answers the questions though I'm sure some of his views made it in too.It didn't seem like it though.I definitely learned some things.for one thing I had never heard of Sheol(Hades.Not Hell, Hades)  and now that I know about it it makes a lot of sense.I had actually just been wandering about it.

Objectionable Content:A couple of chapters on Hell.(for the younger kids)One on Homosexuality.It was mostly on how God still loves people like that.There was also one on why God made two Sexes and a paragraph on Abortion.

Rating & Age: 4 stars, teens and up.

I got this book free from BookSneeze.
Sierra ♥

Monday, March 28, 2011

On My Doggie Issue...

I'm going to use the Spaniel
I don;t have a name for her though.She is going to want someone to always be with her(very demanding :) and will like to chew anything on the floor.
Thanks to the great ideas from my cousin and Katrinka.Thank you
   for following Katrinka :)
I'm putting up a poll  of some names for her.Please vote or give a suggestion on this post.
Let me know :)  And if you have any more stories I would love to hear them!
They might get put in my book.
I meant to do a review today, but I got trapped watching JB covers and him walking into a door(he wasn't seriously injured,but it was pretty funny:).Next time though.
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Need Your Help...

For my book I need to do some see my character is going to get a puppy.
And I've never had  one.So I need your stories (they might get put in my book).
I wouldn't also mind some school stories.I'm planing to pull her out, but I still need some dirt.
This is what the puppy will look like.
 A brown Labrador from a litter or
A spaniel, also brownish, from the shelter.
I might put up a poll for what his/her name should be.
But please give me some stuff to work with.I would really appreciate it.

Sierra ♥

Monday, March 21, 2011

On The Runway

On The Runway by Melody Carlson

I know I've already done Premiere and Catwalk,
but since it has been so long I decided to do them anyway. Here we go:

Summery:Erin and her sister Paige are only doing a little TV spot at the reopening of a theme park when Paige starts criticizing people about their outfits.It looks like it could be tragic until They get offered a chance to do a fashion show.Erin is a little against it.For one thing Paige is a human Barbie.And Erin isn't.She is convinced finally.She'll be helping record the show (which will look good on her resume)and in her comfort zone...behind the camera.They are going to be in an episode of Malibu Beach to help promote their show.However there is a little trouble after Paige makes the star, Mia, mad and starts going out with her boyfriend, Benjamin, who says that he and Mia are over.Erin has problems too.Her ex is back in town and wants to get together with her.After he kinda cheated on her.That and she has a fashion overload!

Romance:Paige and Benjamin are dating secretly.Blake , her ex, wants to get back together with her and dumps the girl her dumped Erin for.Lionel, a friend of Erin's, would like it to be more than just friends.They only talk about him liking her though.

Language:None that I can remember.

Violence:Some fighting between Mia and Paige.Mia slaps Benjamin.

Other:A slight drinking scene.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:It was O.K.Definitely better than some that Melody has done in the past.It wasn't that depressing though there was a lot of Reality TV stuff.It had a lot of name brands and was an easy flowing book to read.

Rating & Age: 3 stars. 14 up.


Summery:Erin and her sister have been pretty busy.They've been visiting a lot of different designers and to Erin's delight one she actually likes!The designer uses green materials and has clothes that Erin can feel comfortable in.Surprisingly she even has something for Paige!After being in a fashion show, the sisters are off to fashion week in New York.They have some trouble with airport security...O.K. a lot of trouble.They end up on Good Morning America with it.But it all eventually works out.They meet up with some of the Carter House Girls, interview several big fashion designers and go to a lot of fashions shows.Then tragically Benjamin Kross gets in a car wreck that killed Mia.Both are stars in Malibu Beach.Both had been drinking.Everyone was scared because Paige had been with Benjamin but left when he wouldn't let her drive him home.He is now upset. but Erin's friend Blake(who wants to be more and is gaining on it) goes to talk to him about God and gets through to him some.Meanwhile,while Erin has been busy, her best friend has gotten pregnant.
Her boyfriend is going in and out one day wanting to help her take care of it the next not.Can Erin help her friends and deal with her Mom who is dating a guy again?

Romance:Blake & Erin (a little), Paige & Benjamin (not to much), their Mom and her boyfriend(very small bit).

Language:None that I can remember.

Violence:The car crash.

Other:Talk about drinking.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:It was O.K. it had some "stuff" in it, but was better than some of Melody's previous ones.I liked how she put in her old characters.There were a lot of fashion names and all the shows.

Rating & Age:3 stars.14 up.


Summery:The girls are off to Paris!They even have new hairstyles too!A Grace Kelly for Paige and a Audrey Hepburn for Erin.They interview a lot of designers in Paris.Including one where Erin gets a Birkin Bag from an admirer, Gabin.Which doesn't ride well with Paige.There they meet up with Taylor and Eliza again.When Paige gets cozy with Dylan Marceau(I'm not sure about the last name.I probably got it wrong.Sorry), who is trying to make his debut in France, while at Eliza's country cottage(er,mansion).So she calls in Paige's kinda boyfriend Benjamin.And Erin's kinda boyfriend, Blake.They have an interesting weekend.Although Blake and Taylor share their testimonies and Taylor gets onto Benjamin for drinking some wine.So there were some good things.Eventually things calm down for a while.

Romance:Dylan & Paige, Erin & Blake, Their Mother and her boyfriend(hint hint), Gabin having a crush on Erin.They go on a kinda date.She explains she wants to be just friend and that she has a boyfriend.Eliza and Paige have a fight and Dylan takes Paige to her room.Benjamin goes after her saying that he had better not be taking her to his room.


Violence:Word fights, Paige getting mad several times.

Other:Several drinking scenes.Erin tries some wine in order to get Eliza to donate money to some charity.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:It was O.K. I definitely like learning the designers and there are several history facts about them in these books.Though they have some "stuff" in them this series is better than some of her past ones.

Rating & Age: 2 stars.14 up.


Summery:Paige and Benjamin are back together?That is what it looks like from the tabloids.Paige had made a deal with Erin in Paris that they wouldn't date for a while.And now she is breaking it?She says it's all for publicity.She even tells the paparazzi in England what hotel they'll be at.. for publicity.
When it starts to be to much she blows up at them because of a picture of Erin shopping for baby stuff with her friend Molly, who is pregnant.Someone made it looks like it was Paige.When she blows, her words get turned against her and suddenly they're getting the cold shoulder.Erin will have to try and fix it all.She gets England to understand thankfully. She has been trying to make more of an impact on the show.She has been researching about how the some of the designers clothes aren't world friendly and wants to do a show against super skinny models.Paige resents her stepping up her part in the show the have some spats over it.Including on their and their Mother's wedding dresses.Erin is getting adjusted to the idea of her Mom remarrying.She is having fun in front, but can she and Paige work it out between them?

Romance:Blake & Erin, Dylan & Paige(big stuff in here) and their Mom a bit.Molly's boyfriend who was going in and out about her pregnancy wants her to give it away and is  a bit unsuportive.


Violence:The paparazzi following them around and being mean.

Other:Molly's pregnancy.Her parents seem a little harsh to me.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:It was a pretty good book.Not a lot of bad stuff.It kept you on your seat and them going to England was pretty awesome.

Rating & Age: 3stars. 14 up.

Few!I finally got it done! :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Prom & Prejudice

Prom & Prejudice by Elizabeth Eulberg.

Summery:In this modern Pride & Prejudice, Lizzie Bennett is a scholarship student at the elite school of Longbourn.She is looked down on and has horrible "pranks" if you could call them that done to her.
She has two friends(not counting her Piano teacher) Charlotte, a fellow scholarship student, and Jane, her roommate who hardly ever says a mean word.Jane talks about Charles, a guy who is different than the snobby Pemberly boys.She was right about him, but his friend Darcy?Let's just say that they have mutual feelings for each other...dislike.Now George Wickham she gets.He tells her a tale of woe.How Darcy took him in only to kick him out.Lizzie believes this and when she suspects he drove Jane and Charles apart well she gives him a good bashing.He sends her an email explaining that George Wickham"s tale was a lie.And that he tried to take advantage of his sister and then stole from his family.Lizzie isn't sure who to believe now.

Romance:Charles & Jane, Darcy & Lizzie, Lizzie thinks that Wickham wants to date her,but he is with someone else instead.No kissing though.Guess it wasn't in the original.


Violence:The mean Longbourn girls steal her coat, throw a milkshake in her face, pour coffee on her and some other mean pranks.She knocks George Wickham out.

Other:Wickham almost gets Jane's sister, Lydia. He and she are drunk when the get to them.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:It was a great twist on the original story and was a really nice & easy read.

Rating & Age:4 stars.13 up.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

On Reviews...

So guys I'll be doing a review of the On The Runway series(books 1-4) by Melody Carlson on Monday.
I'd do it today, but I'm bushed :(
I think that is it for now.Sierra

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I got my Appaloosy book and Breyer horse set too!
Thanks so much Mattie!

 I love the book Mattie!Haven't started it yet, but I know I'll love it!

The horses are adorable!

Thanks so much!
Check out Mattie's blog, Appaloosy Dreams.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Found In Translation

Found In Translation by Roger Bruner and Kristi Rae Bruner.

Summery:Kim Hartlinger thinks she is going to the Silver City in Mexico to evangelize.She's had a bad day.She missed her flight, was three hours late and then she learns that they are going to a small village, Santa Maria, instead of the Silver City.Which had electricity.Santa Maria never had electricity.She didn't bring good clothes and on her first day breaks her arm.She does have some good breaks though.She makes friends with a little girl, Anjelita,  who has only one hand.She becomes friends with an African American, Aleesha too.She can't do much with her arm now.She does some clearing with some of the older villagers and children.God tells her of a special plan he has to help the village.Can she help Geoff a guy with a background come out and finally find Jesus?

Romance:Geoff has a thing for her.He is not a Christian with a slight history.She pretends to like a guy, with his consent, to satisfy Anjelita.Who had been trying to match make her.

Language:She mention herself or some other people cussing.But no words are worded.

Violence:Geoff had gone with some friends and was with them when they painted their parents names on gravestones.He didn't do it though.It was told in a story.Kim makes friends with the villagers and Anjelita's mother tells of how her elder daughter had helped people get to safety when the twister came and died in it.

Other:An older guy explains in vague description how they need to relieve themselves.

Time Period:Modern.

What I thought:I really liked it! It had a great message and had a lot of miracles and stuff.I really liked Kim's character.

Rating & Age:4 stars. 13 up.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Out of My Mind

Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper

Summery:Melody is a girl with cerebral palsy.She hasn't ever spoken a word or moved much.
She has always had words that she has wanted to say stuck in her head.Her parents and neighbor know she's smart, but others don't.When she and her 'special" class start attending and interacting in other classes Melody is happy.She even gets an idea of getting a computer that will help her talk.It's her chance to prove to everyone that she is smart and can talk.

Roamnce:She wonders if anyone will ever like/love her.


Violence:Her mom hits her sister.Her pet fish, Ollie, jump out of his bowl and dies.

Other:Nothing that I can think of.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:I loved it!I thought it would;d be depressing, but it was a really sweet book!A lot of hope and triumph at the end.
Rating & Age: 4 1/2 stars.  11 up.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Sabotaged by Margaret Peterson Haddix.
The Missing book 3.
Book 2, Sent
Book 1, Found

Summery:Jonah and his sister are off again.To help fix the future.But once they're in the past they lose contact with the future! The girl they went back with, (who is supposed to be Virginia Dare the first baby born in the new world) Andrea, was told that if she messed with the Elucidator that she would be able to go and save her 21st century parents form a car accident.That person lied and is messing with them all.They don't know where they are in time and can't talk to anyone.They have been sabotaged.

Romance:Jonah like Andrea.The saboteur used it against them.

Language:None that I can remember.

Violence:They save Andrea's grandfather from a shipwreck and take him to an island were Virginia is.Burying her people after they dies from a disease.They knock the saboteur out.

Other:They are traveling with some Indians and they talked about thanking the animal after they've killed it etc.

Time Period: 16th century.(around 1600 I think)

What I Thought:It wasn't as good as the first, which was the best, or the second, which was the second best. It was a little dark and I don't think they setting was to seemed really sad. And of course getting sabotaged isn't really all that happy...

Rating & Age: 2 1/2.  12 up.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Followers ♥

Thanks to my new followers:


I have been to both of your blog(really cool!) sorry for not following yet :(
I've been pretty busy.
I'll get around to it though :)
I've been backed up on reviews, but I got a couple done today.I'm going to try to do some book tip stuff.And maybe some tidbits from my books.Yeah, I started another one.
I'm not very far in either so don't expect it too soon.

Pendragon:Before The War

Pendragon:Before The War. Prequels to the Pendragon series(reviews are HERE and HERE).
By D.J. Machale.

Join three Travelers before the battle for Halla.Book 1
Kasha, on Eelong, is battling Tangs(giant lizards) and playing a dangerous sport.She is one the fine line of being like her father and sympathetic to the Gars(humans) or being like the rest of the Klees and treating them like animals. Gunny, on First earth(1943), stumbles on a murder scene.His friend holding the gun.Gunny knows his friend didn't do it.Can he find the real murderer? Spader, on Cloral, is labeled a kid who is careless and has a temper. He then gets paired with his enemy.
They are always racing and making things worse.When they get captured together can they finally work together so they can escape?

Join three Travelers before the battle for Halla. Book 2
 Aja Killian, from Veelox, is being framed!Someone has gotten inside Lifelight and blacklisted her.She thinks she knows who it is.The only way  to save everything and a kidnapped boy is to play his game.And it's a dangerous one. Elli Winter, from Quilian was given the option of traveler, but she turned it down. When her husband dies she runs away to find a place with some rebels who have treasure beyond worth.History.Elli can sense something with these treasures.Has she found her place at last? Alder, from Denduron, wants to be a knight.But since he is an orphan he is picked on.He feels he'll never learn when a strange old man offers to teach him.He tells him to find a door with a star on it as a final test.Will Alder finally become a knight?

Join three Travelers before the battle for Halla. Book 3
Loor, from Zadaa,  follows a thief, but is kidnapped.It was all a trap.They take her to their King.They want her to marry him.can she make it back across the desert to her home? Remudi, (?) from Ibara, is unhappy.He knows his father and the Tribunal are keeping secrets.When a Follower is almost killed he takes her in and tries to teach her.She escapes and brings the rest of her people to attack them for food. Will he ever figure everything out? Patrick, from Third Earth(future) is just a teacher.But when someone starts stealing rare books from the Library and the police do nothing                                                        about it it's up to him to find the thief.

Romance: Loor is almost forced to marry someone.

Language:None that I can remember.

Violence:Book 1 several Gars are used as bait for the Tangs.They are also used in the dangerous game the Klees play and are"disposable".Several fighting scenes.Book 2 A monster chases Aja in the Lifelight game(virtual reality) and she kills it. Book 1 Someone is murdered. Spader is on a boat when the raiders attack it.All but him and his arch enemy are killed.

Other:can't think of anything.

Time Period: Book 1: Eelong, dinosaur times? First Earth, 1943. Cloral, modern another world.
Book 2: Veelox, modern another world. Quilian, modern another world. Denduron, medieval another world. Book 3: Zadaa Egyptian/roman another world. Ibara, veelox's  future. Third Earth, our future.

What I Thought:They were pretty good.It was cool to see how the other Travelers lived before they became travelers. And they were definitely exciting.

Rating & Age: 11 up. 3 stars.