Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Conversation With God

A Conversation With God by Alton Gansky.

Book Is About:everyone has questions they want to ask God.In this book the author uses the bible to answer fifty-five questions using characters such as:God, Jesus, James, John The Baptist, John Brother of James, Moses, David, Peter, Abraham, Paul, Solomon, Andrew and others, to answer the questions.
He has sections of:God (5 chapters of about 3-4 pages), Bible (5), The Future (5),
Pain & Suffering (5), Jesus (8), The Kingdom Of God (4), Heaven & Hell (8), Humanity (5), Christian Living (5) and Today's World (5). I liked the chapters:God,The Future, Jesus, Heaven & Hell and a few other chapters from all around. It is a pretty easy read(easy to read) and you can skip around if you want to.

What I thought: it was definitely cool how it was like God talking and the other characters.I think the author did a good job.There wasn't anything I disagreed with and he wasn't just writing about his views.He used the Bible to answers the questions though I'm sure some of his views made it in too.It didn't seem like it though.I definitely learned some things.for one thing I had never heard of Sheol(Hades.Not Hell, Hades)  and now that I know about it it makes a lot of sense.I had actually just been wandering about it.

Objectionable Content:A couple of chapters on Hell.(for the younger kids)One on Homosexuality.It was mostly on how God still loves people like that.There was also one on why God made two Sexes and a paragraph on Abortion.

Rating & Age: 4 stars, teens and up.

I got this book free from BookSneeze.
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