Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Need Your Help...

For my book I need to do some see my character is going to get a puppy.
And I've never had  one.So I need your stories (they might get put in my book).
I wouldn't also mind some school stories.I'm planing to pull her out, but I still need some dirt.
This is what the puppy will look like.
 A brown Labrador from a litter or
A spaniel, also brownish, from the shelter.
I might put up a poll for what his/her name should be.
But please give me some stuff to work with.I would really appreciate it.

Sierra ♥


  1. I so wish I could help you, Sierra, but I've never had a dog before! Sorry. :( I hope your book goes well, though!

  2. I like the litter puppy; sorry I don't have any puppy stories though!

  3. Hmmm... I have a little doggy, who does not like it when anyone leaves the house. When she hears the door open she runs over to it, no matter where she is, and starts jumping allover everyones legs. And also, when she was younger, when she got excited, (like when somebody new came into the house)she would run in circles around the entire living room. I'm not sure this will help, but I hope it does!

  4. Thank you Katrinka!
    That does help.And thanks Rachael and Shaynie (now I feel better because I'm obviously not the only one who has never had a dog)too.
    I'm going to go with the Spaniel(they are too cute to pass up)I'm going to put up a poll with some names, but feel free to suggest something.
    I;ll be doing another post about it later with more details.Thanks for following Katrinka.I'll follow your blog if you get one.


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