Monday, March 28, 2011

On My Doggie Issue...

I'm going to use the Spaniel
I don;t have a name for her though.She is going to want someone to always be with her(very demanding :) and will like to chew anything on the floor.
Thanks to the great ideas from my cousin and Katrinka.Thank you
   for following Katrinka :)
I'm putting up a poll  of some names for her.Please vote or give a suggestion on this post.
Let me know :)  And if you have any more stories I would love to hear them!
They might get put in my book.
I meant to do a review today, but I got trapped watching JB covers and him walking into a door(he wasn't seriously injured,but it was pretty funny:).Next time though.
Sierra ♥

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  1. Oh, good! I was hoping you'd pick the Spaniel, it's so cute! ;)


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