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On The Runway

On The Runway by Melody Carlson

I know I've already done Premiere and Catwalk,
but since it has been so long I decided to do them anyway. Here we go:

Summery:Erin and her sister Paige are only doing a little TV spot at the reopening of a theme park when Paige starts criticizing people about their outfits.It looks like it could be tragic until They get offered a chance to do a fashion show.Erin is a little against it.For one thing Paige is a human Barbie.And Erin isn't.She is convinced finally.She'll be helping record the show (which will look good on her resume)and in her comfort zone...behind the camera.They are going to be in an episode of Malibu Beach to help promote their show.However there is a little trouble after Paige makes the star, Mia, mad and starts going out with her boyfriend, Benjamin, who says that he and Mia are over.Erin has problems too.Her ex is back in town and wants to get together with her.After he kinda cheated on her.That and she has a fashion overload!

Romance:Paige and Benjamin are dating secretly.Blake , her ex, wants to get back together with her and dumps the girl her dumped Erin for.Lionel, a friend of Erin's, would like it to be more than just friends.They only talk about him liking her though.

Language:None that I can remember.

Violence:Some fighting between Mia and Paige.Mia slaps Benjamin.

Other:A slight drinking scene.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:It was O.K.Definitely better than some that Melody has done in the past.It wasn't that depressing though there was a lot of Reality TV stuff.It had a lot of name brands and was an easy flowing book to read.

Rating & Age: 3 stars. 14 up.


Summery:Erin and her sister have been pretty busy.They've been visiting a lot of different designers and to Erin's delight one she actually likes!The designer uses green materials and has clothes that Erin can feel comfortable in.Surprisingly she even has something for Paige!After being in a fashion show, the sisters are off to fashion week in New York.They have some trouble with airport security...O.K. a lot of trouble.They end up on Good Morning America with it.But it all eventually works out.They meet up with some of the Carter House Girls, interview several big fashion designers and go to a lot of fashions shows.Then tragically Benjamin Kross gets in a car wreck that killed Mia.Both are stars in Malibu Beach.Both had been drinking.Everyone was scared because Paige had been with Benjamin but left when he wouldn't let her drive him home.He is now upset. but Erin's friend Blake(who wants to be more and is gaining on it) goes to talk to him about God and gets through to him some.Meanwhile,while Erin has been busy, her best friend has gotten pregnant.
Her boyfriend is going in and out one day wanting to help her take care of it the next not.Can Erin help her friends and deal with her Mom who is dating a guy again?

Romance:Blake & Erin (a little), Paige & Benjamin (not to much), their Mom and her boyfriend(very small bit).

Language:None that I can remember.

Violence:The car crash.

Other:Talk about drinking.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:It was O.K. it had some "stuff" in it, but was better than some of Melody's previous ones.I liked how she put in her old characters.There were a lot of fashion names and all the shows.

Rating & Age:3 stars.14 up.


Summery:The girls are off to Paris!They even have new hairstyles too!A Grace Kelly for Paige and a Audrey Hepburn for Erin.They interview a lot of designers in Paris.Including one where Erin gets a Birkin Bag from an admirer, Gabin.Which doesn't ride well with Paige.There they meet up with Taylor and Eliza again.When Paige gets cozy with Dylan Marceau(I'm not sure about the last name.I probably got it wrong.Sorry), who is trying to make his debut in France, while at Eliza's country cottage(er,mansion).So she calls in Paige's kinda boyfriend Benjamin.And Erin's kinda boyfriend, Blake.They have an interesting weekend.Although Blake and Taylor share their testimonies and Taylor gets onto Benjamin for drinking some wine.So there were some good things.Eventually things calm down for a while.

Romance:Dylan & Paige, Erin & Blake, Their Mother and her boyfriend(hint hint), Gabin having a crush on Erin.They go on a kinda date.She explains she wants to be just friend and that she has a boyfriend.Eliza and Paige have a fight and Dylan takes Paige to her room.Benjamin goes after her saying that he had better not be taking her to his room.


Violence:Word fights, Paige getting mad several times.

Other:Several drinking scenes.Erin tries some wine in order to get Eliza to donate money to some charity.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:It was O.K. I definitely like learning the designers and there are several history facts about them in these books.Though they have some "stuff" in them this series is better than some of her past ones.

Rating & Age: 2 stars.14 up.


Summery:Paige and Benjamin are back together?That is what it looks like from the tabloids.Paige had made a deal with Erin in Paris that they wouldn't date for a while.And now she is breaking it?She says it's all for publicity.She even tells the paparazzi in England what hotel they'll be at.. for publicity.
When it starts to be to much she blows up at them because of a picture of Erin shopping for baby stuff with her friend Molly, who is pregnant.Someone made it looks like it was Paige.When she blows, her words get turned against her and suddenly they're getting the cold shoulder.Erin will have to try and fix it all.She gets England to understand thankfully. She has been trying to make more of an impact on the show.She has been researching about how the some of the designers clothes aren't world friendly and wants to do a show against super skinny models.Paige resents her stepping up her part in the show the have some spats over it.Including on their and their Mother's wedding dresses.Erin is getting adjusted to the idea of her Mom remarrying.She is having fun in front, but can she and Paige work it out between them?

Romance:Blake & Erin, Dylan & Paige(big stuff in here) and their Mom a bit.Molly's boyfriend who was going in and out about her pregnancy wants her to give it away and is  a bit unsuportive.


Violence:The paparazzi following them around and being mean.

Other:Molly's pregnancy.Her parents seem a little harsh to me.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:It was a pretty good book.Not a lot of bad stuff.It kept you on your seat and them going to England was pretty awesome.

Rating & Age: 3stars. 14 up.

Few!I finally got it done! :)

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