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Pendragon:Before The War

Pendragon:Before The War. Prequels to the Pendragon series(reviews are HERE and HERE).
By D.J. Machale.

Join three Travelers before the battle for Halla.Book 1
Kasha, on Eelong, is battling Tangs(giant lizards) and playing a dangerous sport.She is one the fine line of being like her father and sympathetic to the Gars(humans) or being like the rest of the Klees and treating them like animals. Gunny, on First earth(1943), stumbles on a murder scene.His friend holding the gun.Gunny knows his friend didn't do it.Can he find the real murderer? Spader, on Cloral, is labeled a kid who is careless and has a temper. He then gets paired with his enemy.
They are always racing and making things worse.When they get captured together can they finally work together so they can escape?

Join three Travelers before the battle for Halla. Book 2
 Aja Killian, from Veelox, is being framed!Someone has gotten inside Lifelight and blacklisted her.She thinks she knows who it is.The only way  to save everything and a kidnapped boy is to play his game.And it's a dangerous one. Elli Winter, from Quilian was given the option of traveler, but she turned it down. When her husband dies she runs away to find a place with some rebels who have treasure beyond worth.History.Elli can sense something with these treasures.Has she found her place at last? Alder, from Denduron, wants to be a knight.But since he is an orphan he is picked on.He feels he'll never learn when a strange old man offers to teach him.He tells him to find a door with a star on it as a final test.Will Alder finally become a knight?

Join three Travelers before the battle for Halla. Book 3
Loor, from Zadaa,  follows a thief, but is kidnapped.It was all a trap.They take her to their King.They want her to marry him.can she make it back across the desert to her home? Remudi, (?) from Ibara, is unhappy.He knows his father and the Tribunal are keeping secrets.When a Follower is almost killed he takes her in and tries to teach her.She escapes and brings the rest of her people to attack them for food. Will he ever figure everything out? Patrick, from Third Earth(future) is just a teacher.But when someone starts stealing rare books from the Library and the police do nothing                                                        about it it's up to him to find the thief.

Romance: Loor is almost forced to marry someone.

Language:None that I can remember.

Violence:Book 1 several Gars are used as bait for the Tangs.They are also used in the dangerous game the Klees play and are"disposable".Several fighting scenes.Book 2 A monster chases Aja in the Lifelight game(virtual reality) and she kills it. Book 1 Someone is murdered. Spader is on a boat when the raiders attack it.All but him and his arch enemy are killed.

Other:can't think of anything.

Time Period: Book 1: Eelong, dinosaur times? First Earth, 1943. Cloral, modern another world.
Book 2: Veelox, modern another world. Quilian, modern another world. Denduron, medieval another world. Book 3: Zadaa Egyptian/roman another world. Ibara, veelox's  future. Third Earth, our future.

What I Thought:They were pretty good.It was cool to see how the other Travelers lived before they became travelers. And they were definitely exciting.

Rating & Age: 11 up. 3 stars.


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