Sunday, March 6, 2011


Sabotaged by Margaret Peterson Haddix.
The Missing book 3.
Book 2, Sent
Book 1, Found

Summery:Jonah and his sister are off again.To help fix the future.But once they're in the past they lose contact with the future! The girl they went back with, (who is supposed to be Virginia Dare the first baby born in the new world) Andrea, was told that if she messed with the Elucidator that she would be able to go and save her 21st century parents form a car accident.That person lied and is messing with them all.They don't know where they are in time and can't talk to anyone.They have been sabotaged.

Romance:Jonah like Andrea.The saboteur used it against them.

Language:None that I can remember.

Violence:They save Andrea's grandfather from a shipwreck and take him to an island were Virginia is.Burying her people after they dies from a disease.They knock the saboteur out.

Other:They are traveling with some Indians and they talked about thanking the animal after they've killed it etc.

Time Period: 16th century.(around 1600 I think)

What I Thought:It wasn't as good as the first, which was the best, or the second, which was the second best. It was a little dark and I don't think they setting was to seemed really sad. And of course getting sabotaged isn't really all that happy...

Rating & Age: 2 1/2.  12 up.


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