Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Coming Of The Dragon

The Coming Of The Dragon by Rebecca Barnhouse.

Summery:Rune was a mysterious baby found alone on a ship.Amma, a strange woman had been waiting for him and took him in.He grew up never knowing who he was and learning many stories and tales from Amma.When someone awakes a dragon he sees it and tries to warn King Beowulf of the coming danger.He is to late.He loses Amma and the farmer and his sons that they lived with.He is very angry, he goes after the dragon with the sword and shield that were in the boat with him.He sees it,but doesn't succeed in fighting it.When the King takes ten men to go and fight it as a final resort, he isn't picked.He sees a vision from Amma and realizes that a slave that awoke the dragon is leading the King into danger.He runs and saves the King and joins him in his journey to kill the dragon.While everyone runs at the sight of it he helps the King and is named his heir when he dies.Now he has a lot of people behind him, but not everyone.And they are weak.One of the tribes like the Shylfings(Sp?) may attack.He is learning more and more about his history now that Amma is gone.Though he doesn't really want to be King, he must.

Romance:rune has a crush on Wyn and then discovers that she and his friend Ketil like each other, so he backs away.He is sad for a while, but is friends with her.When(Spoiler!) Rune is trying to make peace with the Shylfings they bring a peacemaker,like Amma, for him to marry.She ends up saving his life and he is already head-over-heels for her.

Language:P**s and S**t.

Violence:The kill the dragon, who killed a lot of people and destroyed farms.Rune gets bullied a bit by his step-family.

Other:They worshiped gods like Odin,Thor, Loki etc. Rune has several "visions".Amma was sort of a medicine woman who saw things.

Time Period:Early middle ages, with a bit of a viking feel.

What I Thought:weird, this is the second viking type book I've read this month!(Silver Sea)It took me a little bit to get into it, but once I did it was great.I loved the mix of viking/middle age and all the adventure.Rune,the king and many of the other characters were great and I loved them.I think that Rune wasn't to proud,didn't pretend to be what he wasn't and that is really admirable, as is he.

Rating & Age:4 stars.13 up.


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