Monday, April 25, 2011

House Of Dark Shadows

House Of Dark Shadows by Robert Liparulo.

Summery:Xander has been uprooted from his life,school,his friends and where he grew up.Now he's in Pinedale...Hicksville.They move into a creepy, but exciting, house.Xander can sense something weird about it.The house is great but it makes people sound like they are somewhere else and of all the creaks and groans of an old house.When Xander and his brother David discover a secret panel, leading to a secret hall, to secret rooms.They take you into different worlds.Dangerous ones.They have reasons to believe something or someone is coming into their house, but who or what and why?

Romance:A kind of girl friend that you never meet, but hear about.Xander thinks she'll move on now that he is gone.

Violence:Spoiler!Their mom gets kidnapped.As did Xander's Dad's mom. When David and Xander go into the rooms, David is chased by tigers and natives and Xander is made to fight to the death in the Colosseum.


Other:He fights with his Dad at the end.Xander and David talk about showing up on a football field naked and when they go exploring at night they only have their boxers on.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:Pretty good.Don't read at night :)

Rating 7 Age:3 stars.14 up.


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