Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Silver Sea

The Silver Sea by Julia Golding.

Summery:Freydis is the daughter her father,Ohthere, a Jarl(captain), doesn't want.When their family's enemy(an arch-enemy family :) and pirate, Sulke, raids Ohthere's home and captures his only son, Toki, Ohthere pursues.He has given his daughter the mysterious Blue Man.An African taken form his home who has strange Blue tattoos.The Blue Man or Enno, has always resisted his slavery and had promised not to feel for his owners.But this time it's different. When left with the Sami, some reindeer herders who are under Ohthere's protection in turn for furs, Blue Man and Freydis learn that they have to save everyone from some great danger.They are White Wolf and Black Wolf.Meanwhile Toki had escaped and found another tribe of Sami who help him evade the pirates. He also finds a girl who dresses like a boy and can hold to his teasing.Looks like the one he has been looking for. He joins up with his father after driving off the pirates and they return to the Sami to find that the pirates attacked!
They were beaten, but Sulke learned where the woman and children were hiding and kidnapped Freydis.Now he goes to join the other rebellious pirates to fight the King's men.Can Ohthere and Toki catch up?

Romance:Freydis and Blue Man(a couple quick kisses and a few hugs),Aino and Toki(not much), there is a Sami boy who is like a rock star and is pretty prideful. There is lot of trouble because Blue Man tells him that Freydis thinks he's handsome.


Violence:A lot of people including one of the main characters are killed.Two or three fighting scenes.

Other:Norse gods like Thor and Loki.The Sami have some spirit gods.They seem Native American themed. Blue Man and Freydis have"visions/dreams"in a cave that tell them some prophecies.

Time Period:Medieval.But it seemed to me that a lot of times when the characters where talking it was like modern talk.

What I Thought:I really liked it. This author knows how to draw you in and writes pretty wholesome stuff.It was in the Teen section, for reasons, probably because of the god stuff and romance, but for a Teen book I thought it was great.It was very exciting.

Rating & Age: 5 stars. 14 up.

Sierra ♥

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