Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So Not Happening

So Not Happening by Jenny B. Jones

Summery: Bella had it all, superstar Dad with a ton of money for her to spend, great friends, great boyfriend(Hunter).That is until her Mom met a guy on the internet and is marrying him after only six months!
She is being forced to live in Truman, Oklahoma with cows, two step-brothers (one hating her), no credit cards and grounding if she comes in late. She manages to make some friends... until she posts on her former advice column how she hates Truman and some nasty remarks. She is the lowest of the low.
When she is asked to quite the art class because she is "a distraction" she gets hooked in the newspaper because of her experience with writing. Bad news is the "Chief" (Luke) doesn't trust her. She uncovers something going on with the football players. A secret something. With her reporter skills on high she will find out!

Romance:Bella& Hunter(not much). Finally finding a friend, Lindy, Bella is helping her get noticed by her life-long friend who probably thinks of her as"just one of the guys". Spoiler!Bella and Hunter are on rocky ground. For the story Bella flirts with someone and in order to escape being found out by the secret group Luke kisses her.afterward she finds out Hunter has been cheating on her with her "best friend", Mia.

Violence:Spoiler!She gets held at gunpoint and almost forced to swallow a bunch of pills by the leader of the secret group. Someone falls off a cliff during the secret group's initiation.Another is put on life support. A fire deliberately set in their house(Bella's family's).


Other:She kinda cheated.Maybe.Her boyfriend definitely.

Time Period:Modern.

What I thought:It was funny, exciting, dramatic, girly girl and sweet.I liked it. It comes up really close to the Katie Lambright series.I don't know which is above :)

Rating & Age:5 stars. 14 up.



  1. Looks very interesting! I will have to check it out. ;)

  2. Looks cool! Btw, i really like ur new blog design!


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