Monday, May 30, 2011

The Emperor Of Nihon-Ja

The Emperor Of Nihon-Ja by John Flanagan.

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Summery:When they are notified by Princess Cassandra, while in Toscana, that Horace is in trouble Will, Halt, Alyss and Selethan board the wolfship, Wolfwill, and head to Nihon-Ja to find him.Meanwhile Horace is in the middle of a rebellion.They kind Emperor of Nihon-Ja, Shigeru, wants to help the lower class have better lives.The warrior and upper class Shenshi don't want that and are trying to kill him.Horace really admires and respect the Emperor, and once he has saved his life and killed some Shenshi there is no turning back.They are trying to find the stronghold Ran-Kashi (I think that is right)in the mountains.they may have  a chance there.

Romance:Will and Alyss have "something" as do Horace and Cassandra/Evanlyn.Super Spoiler! Both couples kinda get engaged in the end.Mention of Halt understanding more about girls because he is married.

Language:Halt said My G**.

Violence:Battles, killing, being stalked by a tiger, a general turning on one of his men(happened twice).
Men realizing that they just got killed.


Time Period:Medieval.

What I Thought:Obviously it was great.It seemed like it was focused more on the Nihon-Ja and Horace then Will.It was great that they were in a different country seemed like he was really branching out some.And Halt?His character is so lovable.As always.

Rating & Age:5 star.13/14 up.


Saturday, May 28, 2011


Warrior by Byran Davis.

 Summery:The black egg has hatched and has called Koren.Taushin, the new dragon king helps strengthen Koren's Starlighter abilities.And keeps her chained no matter how she tries to escape.He wants her to raise the fallen star, Exodus.Koren isn't sure whether or not she can trust him.Meanwhile
Jason and Cassabrie, the first Starlighter who has joined him, search for the one person in the North who can help them.Their friends, Elyssa and Wallace, are trying to find them and free who they can as they go.

Romance:Koren kisses Jason on the cheek and says he'll make a good husband for someone else.Elyssa kisses Wallace on the cheek.
Bad Romance:The dragons make the women reproduce.


Violence:The bad conditions of the cattle children and other slaves.There are several people and dragons killed.Jason goes trough a test that is harsh.Taushin hurts Koren once to make her help him.

Other:The fact that the human are slaves.And the dragons used to be.

Time Period:Medieval.Another world/worlds.

What I Thought:I could see traces from his other series, Dragons In Our Midst, in the book.It was very exciting,adventurous and dragony.So yeah, pretty good mix.

Rating & Age:4 stars.14 up.


Thursday, May 26, 2011


Glamour by Melody Carlson.

Read my review of the first four books in the On The Runway series here.

 Summery:Fran, their director, has cancer.And Erin is the only one who knows.She's going over,
cleaning up after Fran and making sure she eats.With the upcoming trip to the Bahamas, should she tell someone?Paige and Dylan(a designer) are happily engaged.Erin wonders, when Dylan spends the night, if she is the only one who thinks it's wrong.Erin is having some trouble with Blake too.He is brushing her off and she can't figure out whats he did.Mollie is getting close to her due date and Erin and Paige's Mom is getting married.Life is crazy as usual.

Romance:Blake and Erin have kinda broken up and are both upset over it.A kiss on the cheek.
Bad Romance:Paige's fiancee spends the night with her several times.Erin disagrees and wonders if she is the only one who still thinks it's wrong.(Spoiler!) Eliza says that he spent the night with her and that crushes Paige.


Violence:A Malibu Beach star is trying to do a fashion line and when Paige criticizes her she pushes Paige into a pool.

Other:Mention of drinking.Mollie, her friend is pregnant.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:It seemed different from the others.Not as much about fashion and more on Erin's life.There is a cliffhanger ending and everyone loves those.Right? :)

Rating & Age:3 stars.14 up.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Katy's Homecoming

Katy's Homecoming by Kim  Vogel Sawyer

Read my review of the second book in the Katy Lambright series here.
(I thought I had reviewed the first book...apparently not.Sorry.)

Summery:Homecoming is here!And for Katy Lambright it is a whole new world.Her father lets her decide whether or not she will attend the dance, which isn't allowed fro them.It is a really hard decision because she is an attendant. As a joke the seniors nominated her.She doesn't know if she should go as she is or in a dress her friends give her to wear that is more revealing and tight.And although she has accepted Ms.Graber it is still hard with all the wedding preparations and having her around the house.

Romance:Bryce asks Katy to homecoming and she accepts.When he is teased about going with her things get rocky and they end up just sitting together at the game as mostly friends.Caleb(a boy who kinda has a crush on her who her best friend has a crush on) invites her to singing which she refuses and then he invites her best friend, Annika. Some of her friends at school have boyfriends.The pastor's daughter is with a guy but breaks up when he wants to kiss her(whoohoo!) and another friend wants to go to homecoming with a guy is used.


Violence:An argument or two that includes shouting.

Other:The rules the Mennonites have.Like no dancing.It could be taken wrong.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:The plot was predictable.This is the only Teen (Christian) Amish fiction that I have read and though I thought the first two were good, it just seemed really,really predictable.

Rating & Age:2 stars.13 up.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Just One Wish

Just One Wish by Janette Rallison

Summery:Annika's brother, Jeremy, has cancer and is having a surgery in a couple days.Annika tells him that she has a genie and wants him to wish fro something.Thinking it will be the Teen Robin action figure.Instead he wants to meet the real Teen Robin and wants him to teach him how to shoot.So Annika with her friend Madison go on a crazy trip to the studio were they film the show to get the actor, Steve Raleigh to get in costume and visit Jeremy.

Romance:Steve and Annika share bout four kisses two which are more descriptive than the others.She thinks he is cute and sometimes is trying to distract herself.They talk about a girl he broke up with who wants him back.

Language:They mention Steve cursing like a sailor but no real words.


Other:Lying to her parents, sneaking onto the set and breaking a bunch of rules.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:Funny, crazy, exciting and there was a lot of talk about God.Janette Rallison has great characters who are awesomely quirky and say the best things.

Rating & Age:4 stars. 13 up.


Friday, May 20, 2011


Matched by Ally Condie

Summery:Cassia has been looking forward to her Matched banquet for a while.And it is so perfect.She is matched with Xander, a guy she has known her whole life.But when she is viewing his stats and pictures on a data-card not just Xander's face shows up.Another boy she knows, Ky.He gives her stories and poems that leave her breathless.She will keep through the Government controlling everything and wanting it to be perfect.But not her.

Romance:One kiss with Xander and one or two on the cheek.One kiss with Ky and one on the cheek.Talking about a kiss/kissing.She thinks about how well her parents were matched and one time thinking about the intimacy of their messed up bed.


Violence:A scene in a "showing"(like a movie) of a war scene that turned out to be real.Mention of a murder.Officials poison the elder's food to make sure they die on time.

Other:The whole controlled life thing is pretty weird/strange/terrible.

Time Period:In our future.

What I Thought:I don't see a lot of similarities to Hunger Games except for the Government and love triangle.There wasn't a lot of that and it wasn't as intense as Hunger Games and I liked that.It had a good plot with a cliffhanger ending.

Rating & Age:4 stars. 13 up.


On One Of My Reivews...

In my review of The Iron Thorn,
I rated it 4 1/2 stars.
I now feel that for em it was more of a 5 star book.
I really liked the plot and would reread it.
Also when you go and look at the review(if you haven't seen it already)
don't judge this book by its cover.That saying is so true.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Iron Thorn

The Iron Thorn by Caitlin Kittredge.

Summery:Aoife has a strange family.Crazy actually and literally.At the age of 16 both her brother, Conrad, and mother, Nerissa, went mad.Aoife is going to be having her sixteenth birthday in a couple weeks.When she gets a letter from Conrad asking fro help she enlists the help of her friend Cal and guide Dean they set out to find them.They must evade the government and the viral beasts and find answers.

Romance:Dean would make some familiar comments to Aoife.Some of them would make her blush.They share a couple kisses.Only one to two were descriptive.Cal kinda liked Aoife(they were mostly just friends though).

Language:There was a good deal.The most used were bas***d, d*mn, s**t and P**s.

Violence:The monsters that chase and attack them. Aoife's best friend being a monster.Conrad trying to kill her(a memory).Tremaine and Draven hitting Aoife. Draven has cal beat up. All the suspense might be considered scary.

Other:Conrad and Aoife's father and mother were never married.The magic(weirds) and the fairy world.It was depressing(seemed like) at the beginning.

Time Period:They mentioned a letter being marked 1955 and Aoife says that was earlier that year.It had some of the same history but somehow our world changed into their world.

What I Thought:The plot was super once you got into it.In the beginning I was like"This looks really depressing I probably won't like it" but it really looked up.It was very exciting and I really liked the plot.I would say that it's not for younger so maybe 14/15 I don't really know. It seemed like Dark Victorian.By the way sorry about the cover it might be a little revealing.The book is a lot better.

Rating & Age:5 stars.14/15 up.


Monday, May 16, 2011

The Darlings Are Forever

The Darlings Are Forever by Melissa Kantor

Summery:Natalya, Jane and Victoria are all different, but friends still.Jane is an actress and outgoing, Victoria is quiet and sweet, mostly normal other than her famous dad). And Natalya is smart and mostly outgoing.They have been friends forever and now they are going to different high Schools!Natalya doesn't have any friends really until the really popular girl invites her to a party because of her being friends with Victoria.Victoria's dad is running for something(I don't think it ever tells) and he is pretty famous.She is trying to live up to something for herself.And not her great sister.And come out of her shell.Jane has gotten into a big play, Midsummer Nights dream and that takes up a ton of her time.can they still stay friends with so much to do?

Romance:Natalya is crushing on her"friend" Morgan's "geek" and "loser"(by Morgan and her friends standards) brother, because they think he is a loser and all she doesn't acknowledge.Jane thinks her drama teacher likes her(which is super gross and I really disagree with it) and thinks it may work out.Thank goodness it doesn't.Victoria is crushing on a guy, Jack, and near the end they share a kiss or two.

Language:Five to six times they said bit**.Others were:Cr**.A**.

Violence:The yell at each other when they fight.And call each other names.

Other:They sneak out to a party.Safe Sex week at school, they were shown with a banana how to apply a condom.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:so it was basically about three friends at a new point of their lives.It was O.K. I don't really think it is worth reading.Maybe for fun if you don't have a few other options, but otherwise probably not.

Rating & Age:2 stars. 13-14 up.


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Over 100 Posts Giveaway!

So I am now over 100 posts!I'm really excited not only because of that, but because I'm going to do my first giveaway.I'll be giving away the winners choice of these books:

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Leven Thumps And The Wrath Of Ezra

Leven Thumps And The Wrath Of Ezra by Obert Skye.

Read my review of book 1, Leven Thumps And The Gateway To Foo
Read my review of book 2, Leven Thumps And The Whispered Secret
Read my review of book 3, Leven Thumps And The Eyes Of The Want

Summery:Leven has become the new Want.He doesn't have a lot of power yet, but he is learning.They must stop the fallen Lithen, Azure from getting into reality with Dearth  (the earth + death.get it?).They chase, get captured, escape and around and around trying to stop each other.Meanwhile in reality, Ezra and Dennis are on that side of the Gateway and are waiting.Ezra wants to rule the world and destroy Geth.

Romance:Leven releases a longing, Phoebe, and every one's emotion go crazy.Leven and Winter, thus share kiss once and almost another one later.Geth likes Phoebe.


Violence:Dearth almost kills Leven.And Leven almost gets killed several times.Azure makes Leven think he has killed Clover.In battle they blindfold themselves so they"accidentally"kill people.(the bad guys do anyway)


Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:It was exciting.It was pretty exciting at the beginning so I can't say it took me awhile to get into it but there were some dead spots.I want to get to the end(the next book I believe) and I think that some of the others have been better than this one.

Rating & Age:3 stars. 12 up.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The False Princess

The False Princess by Eilis O'Neal.

Summery:Sinda thought she was a princess until she learned she was just a decoy to keep the real Princess safe.Now she has been kicked out and sent to leave a hard new life.She learns she has magic and returns to the city and is being taught by an outsider wizard.She with her friend Kiernan, start to discover that it may not have been all what it seemed to be at first.She has discovered that the person they thought was the Princess is just like her, not real, false.

Romance:Kiernan had loved Sinda for a while and during their adventure she starts to love him too.Several kissing scenes.Bad Romance:When Sinda is lonely a guy tries to trick her so he can say he"bedded with the girl who was once the Princess" but she over hears him and stops it there.Though he did get a kiss out of her.


Violence:The bad wizard sends a storm to scare Sinda.She captures Sinda but doesn't hurt her.The bad wizard kills the king and her sister the oracle with a disease.

Other:They worship The Nameless God.So it could be God or something else.There is a lot of magic and wizards.The go and visit an Oracle.

Time Period:Medieval.

What I Thought:I absolutely loved it!It was kinda like The Palace Of Mirrors when you read the back or inside flap.When you start reading though you can see some of the same roots, but a different story.
It was exciting, a romance(not the entire story thank goodness, just the right amount), a story about a girl trying to find herself and being a hero.

Rating & Age:5 stars.14 up.


Monday, May 9, 2011

My Last Post Was....

My last post was number 100!
I am so excited!I have no idea what to do.
Maybe a giveaway of a book I'm about to get and review from BookSneeze?
If I am allowed to do that, I just might.
So stick around(and bring me more followers?) there maybe a giveaway coming up.

So Over My Head

So Over My Head

Read my review of first book, So Not Happening
Read my review of the second book, I'm So Sure
Summery:Bella is getting caught up in a ton of usual.She and her boyfriend are fighting and her step dad and her mom are having fights over his wrestling careers schedule.At the circus in town, there is a murder and of course Bella wants to dins out who did it.Up in New York Bella's dad is going to get married to a not so nice in Bella's eyes, lady and her bratty daughter.Something just isn't right.With her "sidekick" Ruthie, Bella will solve all.

Romance:Bella thinks Luke is to close with his ex-girlfriend and breaks up with him(this may be due to Hunter cheating on her and her Dad getting a divorce with her Mom).They bicker and go back and forth through pretty much the whole book.Several(like 2-3)kissing scenes.Jake(step dad) and her Mom
are having a little trouble with their marriage.her dad is getting married.A guy(bad)at the circus kinda likes her.

Language:Maybe C**p or S**k.

Violence:Bella was:held at gunpoint, almost crushed by falling lights, almost killed and she was threatened.A murder.The bad guys dig up a body.


Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:I think my hormones were acting whack when I read this or maybe it was because I was reading it pretty fast, but the beginning seemed a little depressing to me.I think it was probably just me though.I really liked the ending and it is a great, funny, exciting and just enough romance book.

Rating & Age:4 stars.13 up.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Leven Thumps And The Eyes Of The Want

Leven Thumps And The Eyes Of The Want by Obert Skye.

Read my review of book 1, Leven Thumps And The Gateway To Foo
Read my review of book2, Leven Thumps And The Whispered Secret

Summery:Everything is changing in Foo.The secret Leven dug up was the sycophants secret.The secret of how to kill them.Now the secret mat sell itself, to the right buyer.Geth, Leven and Winter, who had had her gift stolen, are after it.They find the secret, who, after getting the unknown yet special key from Leven sells itself to a mysterious man.Leven is taken to the Want and dark secrets are revealed.
Winter and Geth are captured and all over foo things are changing.Because something or someone named Dearth is rising.In Reality Sabine is finally destroyed and Ezra makes his way to another portal.

Romance:Leven is shown a longing named Phoebe who is very beautiful and he says he loves her.


Violence:Leven Accidentally kills his Grandpa.Geth is severely beaten when he and Winter are captured.


Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:It was fresh, a bit different then the other(first) two but still good.I've read another series by the same publisher and if you read them you can see the similarities lighthearted adventures in other realms.

Rating & Age:3 stars.12 up.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Promise Of An Angel

The Promise Of An Angel by Ruth Reid

Summery:When Judith's little brother, Samuel, falls and is paralyzed in his legs, Judith sees an Angel who says that he will walk again.But no one believes her except the Bishops son, Andrew..The women don't let her watch the children and they think she is making up stories and blaspheming God.They think she feels guilty because she wasn't watching Samuel. Not only that, but Levi, the man she always thought she would marry, "cheated on her with her sister" . As she is comforted by Andrew and by the visits from the Angel can she keep her faith in God?

Romance:Levi gives her a quick kiss, Andrew gives her a couple and talks about them later.
Bad Romance:Judith thought that she would marry Levi and her sister Martha was jealous and flirted with him and they shared a night together, though Levi said and was appalled when asked about anything sexual happening.Martha and Levi kissed and for Judith it was like he was cheating on her.


Violence:Samuel falls of the barn roof.

Other:I didn't like how they thought she was making up stories and that they shunned her a bit.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:Oh my goodness!It was a nice clean romance and I came out with good views.I may be somewhat prejudiced about Amish romance because a lot of Christian authors write about you know?But I really enjoyed it.And there were some Pennsylvania Dutch words that were really close to English and it was cool(and made me feel smart) that I could see the resemblance and catch on really easily.

Rating & Age:4 stars.Teen and adults.(13 up)


I got this book free from Booksneeze.

I review for BookSneeze®

Do Hard Things

Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris.

Book Was About:Frankly,doing hard things.Teenagers are expected to get drunk, have a ton of break ups and a lot of drama.This book is inspirational wake up call.We can rise above these low expectations and make a difference in our teen years.Alex and Brett talk about people who have done this and they themselves.About how they came around to this book and how you can change the way you think and act.

What I thought:First off, I loved it!I really liked how they would take real peoples success stories and use them to get their meaning across.Or their own stories.All the stories were inspiring.It will make you want to do bigger things,please god and be the best you can be.

Objectionable Content:In one of the stories the kids were on a mission trip or something and a guy said he was glad they weren't out drinking pot.

Rating & Age:5 stars. I think it is more for teens and tweens, but it would still be inspiring for an adult.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nick Of Time

Nick Of Time by Tim Downs.

Summery:Nick Polchak, the bug man, is getting married.A couple days before his wedding he goes to a meeting with a select group that takes in two year cold cases and solves them.His friend, Pete, asked him to come,but he didn't show.When he discovers his friend has been murdered he traces back to a case Pete was working on with a deputy in a lonely small town, Poconos.The deputy was killed in a"hunting accident". Nick has suspicions of the sheriff and is investigating the case Pete and Deputy Keller were working on.Meanwhile, his Fiancee hasn't been getting calls from him as he said he would.So she drives up to Poconos to hunt him down with her dogs.They are both having doubts about getting married now.can they work it out and stay alive?

Romance:(Spoiler!) The whole mystery is a bachelor party though Alena, his fiancee is in real danger.Nick's friends were helping him see that he did want to get married.Alena has her dogs sleeping with her and wonders how it will feel with Nick.Nothing really inappropriate.And not really a lot.

Violence:A couple faked murders and three real ones.The end, Alena is taken hostage and they do get her back, but kill the guy.


Other:Several men watch Alena when she goes into town to wait for Nick's calls.A guy hits on her who is married.An FBI agent in on the secret, flirts with Nick and he doesn't fall for her.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:I loved it!Nick was funny and sarcastic.The plot was great!Changing, a great mystery and exciting!And even though there were at least three books earlier in the series, you can pick  this book up and understand it fine.

Rating & Age:5 stars.I would say fine for 13/14 up.It really depends on what the parents think and the maturity of the teen.But I would say it would be fine.


I got this book free from Booksneeze.

I review for BookSneeze®

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lock And Key

Lock And Key by Sarah Dressen.
Read my review of The Truth About Forever.

Summery:Macy's mom hasn't been the best.And she doesn't get the best mother of the year award for leaving Macy behind.Macy get by for a while but eventually is found out.She goes to live with her sister whom she hasn't seen in years.They enroll her in a preppy school and try top reach out to her.With a failed escape attempt and being saved by her neighbor, Nate, Macy stays.She goes back to her friends only to discover it was a bad idea.She is changing.Nate helps her a lot, driving her around and rescuing her more than once.But she is starting to think he may need some rescuing of his own.
Through it all she has made some friends and is at peace with her sister.Are things looking up?

Romance:Nate and Macy go through a just friends phase then start dating.There was one scene in which he took off her jacket and was going to take off her sweater.She had a t-shirt on underneath... I think. Two make out scenes that were not detailed.Some small kisses.Her sister, Cora, is married.And she can't get a baby.

Language:S**t, they use God's name in vain several time and a couple others.

Violence:Nate's dad yells and hits him.Macy and Cora's mom hit them sometimes.

Other:She gets drunk, but realizes it was a mistake.She smoked pot.There were some memories in which people drank or smoked.And a memory of her mom bringing her boyfriend home and another boyfriend eyeballing Macy.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:In one word? Reborn. Macy came from a bad life and now she has a new and better one.She is adjusting and changing.I think that is great, but it did have some tough stuff.A bit depressing. Not as quirky characters :(

Rating & Age:3 stars.14/15 up.


Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm So Sure

I'm So Sure by Jenny B. Jones.
Read my review of the first book, So Not Happening.

Summery:Due to her uncovering the secret football association Bella has been getting sleuthing jobs.She is also writing an article about working teens.She takes on a couple jobs that don't end up well.Especially on TV.Oh yeah, her family is on a wrestling reality TV show. She and Luke are working on a story about stolen money, threatened Homecoming queen candidates and nearly being in a car accident themselves.Someone doesn't want Prom to work out.As if her life isn't bad enough with cameras watching her every move, her dad has found a woman and a bratty daughter that he apparently really likes.Bella doesn't. She has been able to help Hunter, her ex some though.He came back to her with a maybe serious illness and is asking questions about God.All that and more.Just a day in the life of Bella Kirkwood.

Romance:Hunter comes for forgiveness and she forgives him.He wants to hear about God and she is considering getting back together with him.(Spoiler!It turns out to be only for the show.) She finds him at Prom kissing Mia again.Luke has a girlfriend,he breaks up with her and a the end(Spoiler!) asks Bella out.

Language:C**p.Maybe one other minor cuss word like S**k.

Violence:There is a bomb that goes off.Bella and the other girls get threats.Bella has a wrestler go after her.The semi bad guy beats her up.


Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:Better than the first!Jenny is funny,thrilling and a sassy writer!It was such an enjoyable book!

Rating & Age:5 stars.13 up.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Truth About Forever

The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dressen

Summery:Macy was striving to be perfect.She had a perfect boyfriend and it made her feel in control after her fathers death.Her other is doing the same thing with work.When she is having a party, Macy meets a catering group that just clicks with her.When her perfect boyfriend breaks up with her for
not taking her job at the information desk seriously and saying "I love you" at the ending of an email, she starts working with the catering crew.As she hangs out with them she starts to become more like herself.She comes out of her mask.A game of truth with Wes, a guy she really admires reviles what she really feels, what she hasn't told anyone.Will this be the turning point?

Romance:Both Wes and Macy are dating someone at the begging, they are "just friends"for a while.
But when Macy's mom grounds her she starts pining for him.A kiss at the end and the beginning.

Language:Well it had just about every bad word I knew in it so if that really offends you and all don't read it.

Violence:Kristy(her friend, was in a car accident and she has scars.Macy saw her dad die of a heart attack.Wes's mom died of Cancer.

Other:A couple drinking scenes and I'm pretty sure they were underage.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:I think overall story was good.Some parts were a little depressing.I loved the catering crew's quirkiness.It was great it was an easy read and exciting.If I had to describe it in a line I would say it's about:a girl trying to find her way with her friends after her father's death.

Rating & Age: 3 stars.14 up.