Monday, May 30, 2011

The Emperor Of Nihon-Ja

The Emperor Of Nihon-Ja by John Flanagan.

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Summery:When they are notified by Princess Cassandra, while in Toscana, that Horace is in trouble Will, Halt, Alyss and Selethan board the wolfship, Wolfwill, and head to Nihon-Ja to find him.Meanwhile Horace is in the middle of a rebellion.They kind Emperor of Nihon-Ja, Shigeru, wants to help the lower class have better lives.The warrior and upper class Shenshi don't want that and are trying to kill him.Horace really admires and respect the Emperor, and once he has saved his life and killed some Shenshi there is no turning back.They are trying to find the stronghold Ran-Kashi (I think that is right)in the mountains.they may have  a chance there.

Romance:Will and Alyss have "something" as do Horace and Cassandra/Evanlyn.Super Spoiler! Both couples kinda get engaged in the end.Mention of Halt understanding more about girls because he is married.

Language:Halt said My G**.

Violence:Battles, killing, being stalked by a tiger, a general turning on one of his men(happened twice).
Men realizing that they just got killed.


Time Period:Medieval.

What I Thought:Obviously it was great.It seemed like it was focused more on the Nihon-Ja and Horace then Will.It was great that they were in a different country seemed like he was really branching out some.And Halt?His character is so lovable.As always.

Rating & Age:5 star.13/14 up.



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