Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The False Princess

The False Princess by Eilis O'Neal.

Summery:Sinda thought she was a princess until she learned she was just a decoy to keep the real Princess safe.Now she has been kicked out and sent to leave a hard new life.She learns she has magic and returns to the city and is being taught by an outsider wizard.She with her friend Kiernan, start to discover that it may not have been all what it seemed to be at first.She has discovered that the person they thought was the Princess is just like her, not real, false.

Romance:Kiernan had loved Sinda for a while and during their adventure she starts to love him too.Several kissing scenes.Bad Romance:When Sinda is lonely a guy tries to trick her so he can say he"bedded with the girl who was once the Princess" but she over hears him and stops it there.Though he did get a kiss out of her.


Violence:The bad wizard sends a storm to scare Sinda.She captures Sinda but doesn't hurt her.The bad wizard kills the king and her sister the oracle with a disease.

Other:They worship The Nameless God.So it could be God or something else.There is a lot of magic and wizards.The go and visit an Oracle.

Time Period:Medieval.

What I Thought:I absolutely loved it!It was kinda like The Palace Of Mirrors when you read the back or inside flap.When you start reading though you can see some of the same roots, but a different story.
It was exciting, a romance(not the entire story thank goodness, just the right amount), a story about a girl trying to find herself and being a hero.

Rating & Age:5 stars.14 up.



  1. Woah! That is so...well...odd! (Let me explain myself) Because yesterday I was looking for a 'Princess' book to read, and came upon this one. It sounded really interesting, but I wasn't sure about getting it. I said to myself "Man, I really hope Sierra does a review on this book sometime soon." So, yeah, THANKS!

  2. Katrinka:Isn't it awesome when stuff like that happens?Totally a God thing!Glad I could help :)


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