Thursday, May 26, 2011


Glamour by Melody Carlson.

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 Summery:Fran, their director, has cancer.And Erin is the only one who knows.She's going over,
cleaning up after Fran and making sure she eats.With the upcoming trip to the Bahamas, should she tell someone?Paige and Dylan(a designer) are happily engaged.Erin wonders, when Dylan spends the night, if she is the only one who thinks it's wrong.Erin is having some trouble with Blake too.He is brushing her off and she can't figure out whats he did.Mollie is getting close to her due date and Erin and Paige's Mom is getting married.Life is crazy as usual.

Romance:Blake and Erin have kinda broken up and are both upset over it.A kiss on the cheek.
Bad Romance:Paige's fiancee spends the night with her several times.Erin disagrees and wonders if she is the only one who still thinks it's wrong.(Spoiler!) Eliza says that he spent the night with her and that crushes Paige.


Violence:A Malibu Beach star is trying to do a fashion line and when Paige criticizes her she pushes Paige into a pool.

Other:Mention of drinking.Mollie, her friend is pregnant.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:It seemed different from the others.Not as much about fashion and more on Erin's life.There is a cliffhanger ending and everyone loves those.Right? :)

Rating & Age:3 stars.14 up.


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  1. I loved this book! I haven't actually read the others in the series, but this is one of favourite Melody Carlson books ever :) Closely following the DOATG series...


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