Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm So Sure

I'm So Sure by Jenny B. Jones.
Read my review of the first book, So Not Happening.

Summery:Due to her uncovering the secret football association Bella has been getting sleuthing jobs.She is also writing an article about working teens.She takes on a couple jobs that don't end up well.Especially on TV.Oh yeah, her family is on a wrestling reality TV show. She and Luke are working on a story about stolen money, threatened Homecoming queen candidates and nearly being in a car accident themselves.Someone doesn't want Prom to work out.As if her life isn't bad enough with cameras watching her every move, her dad has found a woman and a bratty daughter that he apparently really likes.Bella doesn't. She has been able to help Hunter, her ex some though.He came back to her with a maybe serious illness and is asking questions about God.All that and more.Just a day in the life of Bella Kirkwood.

Romance:Hunter comes for forgiveness and she forgives him.He wants to hear about God and she is considering getting back together with him.(Spoiler!It turns out to be only for the show.) She finds him at Prom kissing Mia again.Luke has a girlfriend,he breaks up with her and a the end(Spoiler!) asks Bella out.

Language:C**p.Maybe one other minor cuss word like S**k.

Violence:There is a bomb that goes off.Bella and the other girls get threats.Bella has a wrestler go after her.The semi bad guy beats her up.


Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:Better than the first!Jenny is funny,thrilling and a sassy writer!It was such an enjoyable book!

Rating & Age:5 stars.13 up.


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