Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Iron Thorn

The Iron Thorn by Caitlin Kittredge.

Summery:Aoife has a strange family.Crazy actually and literally.At the age of 16 both her brother, Conrad, and mother, Nerissa, went mad.Aoife is going to be having her sixteenth birthday in a couple weeks.When she gets a letter from Conrad asking fro help she enlists the help of her friend Cal and guide Dean they set out to find them.They must evade the government and the viral beasts and find answers.

Romance:Dean would make some familiar comments to Aoife.Some of them would make her blush.They share a couple kisses.Only one to two were descriptive.Cal kinda liked Aoife(they were mostly just friends though).

Language:There was a good deal.The most used were bas***d, d*mn, s**t and P**s.

Violence:The monsters that chase and attack them. Aoife's best friend being a monster.Conrad trying to kill her(a memory).Tremaine and Draven hitting Aoife. Draven has cal beat up. All the suspense might be considered scary.

Other:Conrad and Aoife's father and mother were never married.The magic(weirds) and the fairy world.It was depressing(seemed like) at the beginning.

Time Period:They mentioned a letter being marked 1955 and Aoife says that was earlier that year.It had some of the same history but somehow our world changed into their world.

What I Thought:The plot was super once you got into it.In the beginning I was like"This looks really depressing I probably won't like it" but it really looked up.It was very exciting and I really liked the plot.I would say that it's not for younger so maybe 14/15 I don't really know. It seemed like Dark Victorian.By the way sorry about the cover it might be a little revealing.The book is a lot better.

Rating & Age:5 stars.14/15 up.


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