Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Katy's Homecoming

Katy's Homecoming by Kim  Vogel Sawyer

Read my review of the second book in the Katy Lambright series here.
(I thought I had reviewed the first book...apparently not.Sorry.)

Summery:Homecoming is here!And for Katy Lambright it is a whole new world.Her father lets her decide whether or not she will attend the dance, which isn't allowed fro them.It is a really hard decision because she is an attendant. As a joke the seniors nominated her.She doesn't know if she should go as she is or in a dress her friends give her to wear that is more revealing and tight.And although she has accepted Ms.Graber it is still hard with all the wedding preparations and having her around the house.

Romance:Bryce asks Katy to homecoming and she accepts.When he is teased about going with her things get rocky and they end up just sitting together at the game as mostly friends.Caleb(a boy who kinda has a crush on her who her best friend has a crush on) invites her to singing which she refuses and then he invites her best friend, Annika. Some of her friends at school have boyfriends.The pastor's daughter is with a guy but breaks up when he wants to kiss her(whoohoo!) and another friend wants to go to homecoming with a guy is used.


Violence:An argument or two that includes shouting.

Other:The rules the Mennonites have.Like no dancing.It could be taken wrong.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:The plot was predictable.This is the only Teen (Christian) Amish fiction that I have read and though I thought the first two were good, it just seemed really,really predictable.

Rating & Age:2 stars.13 up.


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