Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lock And Key

Lock And Key by Sarah Dressen.
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Summery:Macy's mom hasn't been the best.And she doesn't get the best mother of the year award for leaving Macy behind.Macy get by for a while but eventually is found out.She goes to live with her sister whom she hasn't seen in years.They enroll her in a preppy school and try top reach out to her.With a failed escape attempt and being saved by her neighbor, Nate, Macy stays.She goes back to her friends only to discover it was a bad idea.She is changing.Nate helps her a lot, driving her around and rescuing her more than once.But she is starting to think he may need some rescuing of his own.
Through it all she has made some friends and is at peace with her sister.Are things looking up?

Romance:Nate and Macy go through a just friends phase then start dating.There was one scene in which he took off her jacket and was going to take off her sweater.She had a t-shirt on underneath... I think. Two make out scenes that were not detailed.Some small kisses.Her sister, Cora, is married.And she can't get a baby.

Language:S**t, they use God's name in vain several time and a couple others.

Violence:Nate's dad yells and hits him.Macy and Cora's mom hit them sometimes.

Other:She gets drunk, but realizes it was a mistake.She smoked pot.There were some memories in which people drank or smoked.And a memory of her mom bringing her boyfriend home and another boyfriend eyeballing Macy.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:In one word? Reborn. Macy came from a bad life and now she has a new and better one.She is adjusting and changing.I think that is great, but it did have some tough stuff.A bit depressing. Not as quirky characters :(

Rating & Age:3 stars.14/15 up.



  1. sorry I haven't been commenting on your blog lately, but I am looking at it! and I like it! just wanted to let you know

  2. Rachael:Thanks so much!


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