Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nick Of Time

Nick Of Time by Tim Downs.

Summery:Nick Polchak, the bug man, is getting married.A couple days before his wedding he goes to a meeting with a select group that takes in two year cold cases and solves them.His friend, Pete, asked him to come,but he didn't show.When he discovers his friend has been murdered he traces back to a case Pete was working on with a deputy in a lonely small town, Poconos.The deputy was killed in a"hunting accident". Nick has suspicions of the sheriff and is investigating the case Pete and Deputy Keller were working on.Meanwhile, his Fiancee hasn't been getting calls from him as he said he would.So she drives up to Poconos to hunt him down with her dogs.They are both having doubts about getting married now.can they work it out and stay alive?

Romance:(Spoiler!) The whole mystery is a bachelor party though Alena, his fiancee is in real danger.Nick's friends were helping him see that he did want to get married.Alena has her dogs sleeping with her and wonders how it will feel with Nick.Nothing really inappropriate.And not really a lot.

Violence:A couple faked murders and three real ones.The end, Alena is taken hostage and they do get her back, but kill the guy.


Other:Several men watch Alena when she goes into town to wait for Nick's calls.A guy hits on her who is married.An FBI agent in on the secret, flirts with Nick and he doesn't fall for her.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:I loved it!Nick was funny and sarcastic.The plot was great!Changing, a great mystery and exciting!And even though there were at least three books earlier in the series, you can pick  this book up and understand it fine.

Rating & Age:5 stars.I would say fine for 13/14 up.It really depends on what the parents think and the maturity of the teen.But I would say it would be fine.


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