Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Promise Of An Angel

The Promise Of An Angel by Ruth Reid

Summery:When Judith's little brother, Samuel, falls and is paralyzed in his legs, Judith sees an Angel who says that he will walk again.But no one believes her except the Bishops son, Andrew..The women don't let her watch the children and they think she is making up stories and blaspheming God.They think she feels guilty because she wasn't watching Samuel. Not only that, but Levi, the man she always thought she would marry, "cheated on her with her sister" . As she is comforted by Andrew and by the visits from the Angel can she keep her faith in God?

Romance:Levi gives her a quick kiss, Andrew gives her a couple and talks about them later.
Bad Romance:Judith thought that she would marry Levi and her sister Martha was jealous and flirted with him and they shared a night together, though Levi said and was appalled when asked about anything sexual happening.Martha and Levi kissed and for Judith it was like he was cheating on her.


Violence:Samuel falls of the barn roof.

Other:I didn't like how they thought she was making up stories and that they shunned her a bit.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:Oh my goodness!It was a nice clean romance and I came out with good views.I may be somewhat prejudiced about Amish romance because a lot of Christian authors write about you know?But I really enjoyed it.And there were some Pennsylvania Dutch words that were really close to English and it was cool(and made me feel smart) that I could see the resemblance and catch on really easily.

Rating & Age:4 stars.Teen and adults.(13 up)


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