Saturday, May 28, 2011


Warrior by Byran Davis.

 Summery:The black egg has hatched and has called Koren.Taushin, the new dragon king helps strengthen Koren's Starlighter abilities.And keeps her chained no matter how she tries to escape.He wants her to raise the fallen star, Exodus.Koren isn't sure whether or not she can trust him.Meanwhile
Jason and Cassabrie, the first Starlighter who has joined him, search for the one person in the North who can help them.Their friends, Elyssa and Wallace, are trying to find them and free who they can as they go.

Romance:Koren kisses Jason on the cheek and says he'll make a good husband for someone else.Elyssa kisses Wallace on the cheek.
Bad Romance:The dragons make the women reproduce.


Violence:The bad conditions of the cattle children and other slaves.There are several people and dragons killed.Jason goes trough a test that is harsh.Taushin hurts Koren once to make her help him.

Other:The fact that the human are slaves.And the dragons used to be.

Time Period:Medieval.Another world/worlds.

What I Thought:I could see traces from his other series, Dragons In Our Midst, in the book.It was very exciting,adventurous and dragony.So yeah, pretty good mix.

Rating & Age:4 stars.14 up.


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